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Dr. Steven Greer's Latest Interview - UFOs - ET Disclosure

Latest Interview With Dr. Greer - UFOs ET Disclosure
And Read Some Historic UFO ET Related Quotes

Dr. Greer's latest interview.....

Listen on the Howard Hughes Here....

Fascinating Historic Quotes:

J Edgar Hoover:
July 15, 1947 in a letter to Clyde Tolson

"I would do it (study UFOs), but before agreeing to do it, we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the L.A. case, the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

General Nathan D. Twining
September 23, 1947
When he was the Commanding General of the Air Material Command he wrote the following:

"It is the opinion that:
a. The phenomena reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.
b. There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as a man-made aircraft.
c. There is a possibility that some of the incidents may have been caused by natural phenomena such as meteors.
d. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled either manually, automatically, or remotely."

Congressman William Stanton (Pennsylvania)
Ravena Record Courier - April 1966

"The Air Force failed in its responsiblity in thoroughly investigating this incident (April 17, 1966 sighting in Pennsylvania) ...Once people entrusted with the public welfare no longer think people can handle the truth, then the people, in turn, will no longer trust the government."

These and many other quotes, detailed cases, plus over 50 pages of documents can be found in the 500 page "Presidential Briefing Document" that is part of the 2 Hour Witness DVD. Herein is a wealth of well researched & documented information with insightful position papers by Dr. Greer along with almost 2 hours of testimony arranged to explain why and how the secrecy is maintained.

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Congressional Hearings on UFO ET Disclosure

Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI)
UFO ET Disclosure

The Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI) is on schedule for the March 31 launch. PRG will conduct the most comprehensive effort ever to get congressional hearings this year for scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath to events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Between $25K and $50K is needed to maximize this effort. PRG hopes that one or two persons with the understanding of how important hearings would be and the means to make it happen will step forward publicly or privately to get the job done this time. Hearings will very likely lead to the end of the truth embargo this year.

Developments of Interest

Open Minds/IUFOC Researcher of the Year: PRG executive director Stephen Bassett received an award from Open Minds at the annual IUFOC conference in Arizona. The "Researcher of the Year" award was given for his work producing the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, April 29-May 3 of last year. This award is, of course, shared by many other staff and volunteers who helped make the CHD possible. Many thanks to all.

PRG Award
At the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Belief host George Noory presented a lifetime achievement award to PRG executive director Stephen Bassett for his Disclosure advocacy work.Many thanks to Robert Quicksilver and the CLE staff for this award and a wonderful evening.

Open Minds/IUFOC Lifetime Achievement Researcher/author/lecturer Dr. Bruce Maccabee also received an award from Open Minds at the IUFOC conference in Fountain Hills. The "Lifetime Achievement Award" was given for over 40 years of research into the UFO/ET phenomena while maintaining his day job as a top government scientist. Bruce's integrity and balanced approach helped ensure the study of the phenomena would receive attention from a recalcitrant media.

EBE Awards
Watchers 7, a film by L. A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw won the Best Documentary and People's Choice Awards at the IUFOC Film Festival on February 8 in Fountain Hills, AZ. The entire Watchers series is excellent and Watchers 7 includes footage about the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and PRG's advocacy work. Congratulations.

Amardeep Kaleka Fund Raiser Lunch/Pre-Oscar Party: Amar is the the director of the movie Sirius and a good friend and colleague of PRG. He is running for Congress in the First Congressional District in Wisconsin. At noon on Saturday, March 1 there is a Kaleka for Congress fundraising event in Beverly Hills at the Bombay Palace, 8690 Wilshire Boulevard, which also doubles as a pre-Oscar party. Expect outstanding Indian food. RSVPs are required to or 202-248-4046. There is a suggested minimum contribution of $100. The campaign website is: PS While Amar is a Democratic candidate, if he were running as a Republican, this notice would still be here.

Congressional Hearing Initiative Advanced Preparation

Over the next five weeks leading up to the Congressional Hearing Initiative there are a number of actions those interested in seeing the end of the truth embargo can take to broaden the support base for PRG's Disclosure advocacy work. These websites offer a number of options. Obviously any and all link sharing is helpful.

World Disclosure Day
At this site you and/or your organization can endorse July 8 as World Disclosure Day.

Exopolitics World Network
PRG is seeking volunteer webmasters to acquire, create and maintain a portal exopolitics website for as many countries as possible - one per country. Site names and URLs include the country name. Anyone interested with website skills and knowledge of the ET issues, please contact PRG.

Exopolitics United States Network
In like fashion PRG is seeking volunteer webmasters to acquire, create and maintain a portal exopolitics website for as many states as possible - one per state. Site names and URLs include the state name. Anyone interested with website skills and knowledge of the ET issues, please contact PRG.

Fax On Washington
Drop in and visit the website that will help coordinate emails, faxes and tweets to members of Congress when the Congressional Hearing Initiative begins on March 31.

Disclosure Petition
Drop in and visit the website where "Disclosure Petition VI - Congressional Hearings" will be posted on March 31 prior to being submitted to the White House website on April 10.

If you're on Facebook, consider liking or joining the following
FB pages:

Citizen Hearing Foundation and the UN Initiative

The Citizen Hearing Foundation website is up with information regarding a multi-nation resolution to the UN General Assembly calling for a UN backed world conference on the ET evidence. This will help galvanize the political media as well as the Congress, which would not relish being preempted by the UN on the extraterrestrial issue.

Conferences Upcoming

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Apr 7-12 | Erie, PA - April 26 | Elmhurst, IL - May 2-4 | Tampa, FL - May 16-17 | Philadelphia, PA - July 18-20 | Joshua Tree, CA - Aug 8-10 | Pittsburgh, PA - Nov 8 - All Links Here

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Dr. Steven Greer: Why Disclosure of The UFO/ET Subject Matters

Disclosure and Transformation
Why Disclosure of the UFO/ET Subject Matters

Amid the clamor of a world hurtling towards the next century, a great secret has been kept from humanity which may hold the key to our future. This secret is hidden in plain sight and yet remains unacknowledged by most. It is discussed widely in popular culture – but its import and meaning remain elusive.

In a world swimming in new high-tech billionaires and Internet moguls, we yet use a basic infrastructure – combustible fuels – which is a holdover from the 1800s. And it threatens all that we are and all that we can be as it incinerates our future in a sea of pollution, in a world of increasing haves and have nots.

In a world where the richest 250 people have the wealth of half of the world’s population and where our current direction can only lead to some eventual termination in a great grey cloud of smoke, what does it matter that we are not alone in the universe – and have been visited already?

Indeed. What does it matter?......

Read the rest of this article:

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ET Contact - We Are Not Alone

Kosta Gus Makreas Co-Founder,

ET Contact - We Are Not Alone And Never Have Been

A post by - Kosta Makreas

For many years while involved in “ET Contact” events, I have always stressed how the actual contact can take endless varied and creative forms.

The ETs will find a way that is safe for them and us to make contact and interact.

Seeing Star Craft in the sky is a joy for many of us, but as your hundreds of field reports from our monthly contact events have shown since 2010, the ET Contact can come as a lucid dream, telepathic messages, orbs at treetop or ground level, a touch on the shoulder or knee, weird electrical phenomenon in your home, car, on your smartphone, on your radar detector, anamolous images in videos and pictures you take after meditating, etc.

So in this spirit I want to offer a personal story of how ET contact happened to me in an unexpected way.

While participating in my first weeklong “ET Contact” training at Mt. Shasta (in Northern California) in 2006, I had several life-changing experiences.

One of these occurred one evening after the conclusion of an ET Contact group meditation by about 40 people at the foot of the mountain in a forest. The group members took a break to look at the sky and wander in the forested area to take photographs of themselves and the surroundings as souvenirs. For the first time in my life, someone excitedly showed me their picture which featured a couple of “orbs” in it. I was amazed and skeptical as to the authenticity of these strange spheres of light.

So several of us decided to experiment We posed using 3 different digital cameras, ourselves, different backgrounds, throwing the volcanic dust at our feet into the air, spritzing water to created a mist of droplets and more. We couldn’t artificially reproduce the orb picture we saw.

A digital picture of me then taken with the forest at my back, showed nothing special.

But I asked to take a second picture. I had an inspirational thought. Just before my friend snapped the digital camera shutter, I placed my right hand over my heart and projected love into my surroundings, recalling the meditation for ET Contact that our larger group had just completed. Then, silently in my thoughts I lovingly invited any Light Beings, on-planet or off-planet who wished to join me in the picture.

As my friend snapped the shutter, I thrust out my right hand in a celebratory “ta-daaaaaa” gesture. I didn’t know what to expect. The resulting picture is displayed below.

Now, I’m not interested in a flaming controversy here. You are free to accept or reject my results as you wish. I’m offering my pic as food for thought.

My Spiritual Guidance later informed me that “they” (from many locations on-planet and off-planet) showed up in that pic to impress upon me that I am never alone. They suggested I carry the picture in my pocket and look at it whenever I felt alone and/or depressed – as a reminder they are always near me. Yeah, I happily did that with great positive effect.

Over the years I have sent that picture to many people offering the same thought to them that, indeed, none of us is ever alone.

I would appreciate your feedback in the Comments seciton to this blog post. Have you experienced this or something similar? Again, this is not meant to be a scientific discussion of whether or not these orbs are real ET and Terrestrial Beings of some sort.

In my experience and to my satisfaction, after ruling out natural and man-made phenomena, the pic is indeed real with the presence of Light Beings. It is a result of the group ET Contact meditation and my personal further experimentation with ET Contact. I’m not interested in a debate.

I am interested in whether others have had similar experiences.

Thank you all!

Surrounded by orbs

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Valiant Thor - ET Visitor From Venus - True Event

Meet Valiant Thor~An ET Visitor from Venus ~ 1957-1960

by Rob Potter

Dr. Stranges audio account of Val Thor's message

Dear readers,

One of my favorite teachers and mentor was Dr Frank Stranges a true being of great love and light. He and I became very close in the last few years before he moved on to his reward. Our lunches and time together filled me with deep understanding and love for the crew of Victor one which is commander Val's flagship on earth.

Dr Frank told me where to go to lake mead and I know where victor one sits. One week before he died he told me Val said I was directly under the shadow of Victor one.

Here is an article from Harley Byrd with much information from Dr Frank who met Val Thor at the Pentagon. Dr Frank told me many interesting stories about his on going visits aboard victor one. He had his life threatened on numerous occasions and was protected by VAL and the other crew members of the emissary’s from Venus.

Valiant Thor:

In mid-March, 1957, we received an urgent message from the Alexandria Police Department. The message indicated that two of their on-duty police officers had picked up an alien who had landed some 14 miles south of Pentagon Boulevard, and the occupant was transported to the Pentagon to meet with the Under Secretary of Defense and then shuttled underground to meet with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon. The meeting lasted for nearly an hour and then, the alien visitor was put on VIP status and was shuttled back to the Pentagon where he spent the night in the Army reception office on the first floor near the concourse. This alien’s name was Valiant Thor.

Val Thor landed in Alexandria and met with the President to discuss the world’s problems and offer advice and counsel on how to deal with and eliminate them. He indicated to Mr. Eisenhower that the world was in a precarious situation and that if the world continued to proceed on a war footing it would cause an economic imbalance throughout the world. Val Thor stayed on Earth until March 16, 1960, and then disembarked to his home planet Venus. He indicated that his race of people lived and dwelled underground and that many of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in this same manner. He also mentioned the waves of aliens who would land around the world to help with the Earth’s seemingly insurmountable problems. He stated that a group from a distant planetary system would be coming to give aid and data to help the Earth’s progress.

Commander James oversaw the meeting through official channels and reported the landing and meeting of the “space emissary”, as he was labeled by the Department of Defense

When Frank Stranges talked to Val Thor he found out the people from Venus came and visited Earth many thousands of years ago. Val explained it like this:

There had been occasions which presented a dilemma to both the “observed” as well as the “observer”. ... It was during 1945 that the Earth was surrounded by 100 ships in order to protect the fragile atmosphere which surrounds it. A chain atomic reaction could easily have resulted because of the separation of the elements of the air. Earth could have been destroyed thus creating many problems , a ripple effect so to speak, throughout the universe.

Meanwhile, his presence in the area had thrown everyone into a dilemma. The introduction he held from the High Council (of Venus) worried them because, though not written in any Earthly language, their minds were given power to properly translate the inscribed message.

After assuring them that this planet had been under close scrutiny for hundreds of years before the 1945 bomb blast and with his special letter still in the slightly quivering hand of the President, he was requested to follow the Secret Service back the way they had come to the Pentagon and into a beautifully furnished apartment where he would spend the next three years. Fortunately, he was prepared for such a lengthy visit and kept in constant communication with the starship.

There were many occasions during which he teleported himself in and out of those quarters often exercising “trans-imagery” to cause the security guards to visualize his face on a nonexistent I.D. badge.

Holding the message from the High Council in his hand, the President stated that Val’s offer to help the human family would upset the economy of the United States and could plunge her into the abyss of chaos. In brief, he politely told Val that the people of this planet were not ready to cope with such conditions as would come into existence if the recommendations of this unearthly visitor were put into action. Nevertheless, he was invited to assist a number of scientists who were out working on medical projects directly associated with the space sciences.

Mr. Stranges' visit on the ship:

It has been stated in the past that Val Thor has a space craft that is on the water of Lake Mead near Las Vegas. Here is some information about that UFO from Dr Frank Stranges:

“Then I saw it. An actual, saucer-shaped vehicle was sitting on the water. I noticed a strange phenomenon. The waves were gently rocking a power boat tied to the rough mooring, causing the boat to rise and fall. However, I noticed that the space craft DID NOT MOVE. I was to be informed later that the ship was equipped with a pencil-fine beam that when fixed on any solid object kept the ship from moving even one degree from that fixed position. As we neared the ship, it glistened in the light of the sun that was beautifully setting, rapidly. We sailed close to the craft with the motor cut off. Then an aperture opened, revealing two smiling faces. One man and one woman greeted me by name, took my hand, lifted me into the ship and then reached down for Val. A short time later, the small power-craft was also raised aboard and stowed in a compartment where a much larger power craft was also seen. My first impression was one of great exhilaration mingled with joy and excitement. I had read from time to time true accounts that had changed the lives of other UFO researchers and investigators. I have read many books that carefully outlined the experiences of those who had experienced actual space contact. But now it was different. It was happening to me. I remembered how my colleagues in the Christian ministry looked with disdain upon anyone who would dare relate incidents about “space people”, “space vehicles” and such. But now I found myself caring less what anyone would possibly think of me because of my own experiences. I was there!!!”

Purifying Sensation:

I was ushered by these wonderful people to a room where I was requested to completely disrobe. I did so without question. I then walked through a compartment that resembled a shower…only without water. I felt a purifying sensation all over my body. I no longer required my eyeglasses to see. This is another phenomena on board the ship that was quite “unscientific”. I felt extremely good in body, soul and spirit. After walking through the “shower compartment” I was issued a white outfit that resembled what we would call “overalls”. The fabric was lightweight just as Val’s garment had been when he showed it to me at the Pentagon. However it was a different fabric than his.

…later I was shown to my own guest quarters which were quite unique. Again no square corners. The color was pale blue made even softer by the indirect lighting which appeared to come from the ceiling. Walking across the floor was like standing in the thickest, puffiest clouds you can imagine. It seemed to “fit” the form of your foot as you walked. The room actually looked quite bare when you first walked in. Everything to serve your needs was located in the wall and with the push of a button, it was at your service. The bed, the desk, all at your fingertips. A view screen was visible in the wall at eye level as you sat in the chair provided for your complete comfort. One amusing incident occurred when the needs of nature had to be attended. I went into the bathroom and was embarrassed to note the obvious absence of toilet tissue. Then it happened. I heard a voice within my mind which I immediately recognized as belonging to Val. He said, “Frank, look to your right. You will find three buttons. Push the first, then the second and then the third, in that order.”

I could hear Teel’s laugh (Teel was a pretty space lady) as I proceeded to press the first button. The sensation was that of a rapid warm wind similar to a jet of air, blowing beneath the seat. The process entirely crystallized the waste matters and caused it to drop from me. Then the second button was another jet blast of a different pressure and temperature. Finally, the third button. This produced a pleasant, fragrant substance that made me feel as though I had been washed, cleaned, powdered and perfumed. As I came out of the bathroom, no one paid any attention to me although I had a strong feeling that everybody in the room knew what had happened. Suddenly Teel broke the silence by saying, “Well, do you want to take one home with you?” A few of them laughed and went on about their business. After meeting privately with Val, I proceeded to sleep for a few hours and in the morning, Val drove me back to San Diego where I again boarded a plane bound for Los Angeles.

The spacecraft: VICTOR ONE has been in this vicinity for eleven years. There are other Victor Class spacecraft which have been observing Earth for thousands of years. Several thousand people of Earth know of VICTOR ONE… approximately 2000 are U.S. Government officials currently in office. A limited number of people of Earth have visited VICTOR ONE, including several scientists. No government officials have ever visited VICTOR ONE. The “Victor Class” Sector A space craft of the Victor Class is a 300-foot diameter discus, twenty-two feet high at the rim, increasing to ninety-seven feet on the axis. The permanent crew is approximately 200. Its audio-visual-laser-type camera can select and pick up any person’s actions and words as well as record them, all this up to a distance of 1200 miles from the spacecraft.

Some of its many functions:

-- Oversee the task forces used to contain radiation around your cities
-- Prevent atomic holocaust by exercising certain limits on certain human agencies
-- Monitor discussion and plans by world leaders
-- Work in full harmony with our Heavenly Creator

Val Thor and those other visitors have and operate primarily on/through:

Etheric body: The energetic counterpart of the physical body, composed of seven major centers (chakras) and 49 minor centers, a network which connects all the centers, and infinitesimally small threads of energy (nadis) which underlie every part of the nervous system. Blockages in the etheric body can result in physical illnesses.

Etheric planes: Four planes of matter finer than the gaseous-physical. As yet invisible to most people. This is the lowest level of Venus supporting “life” and is then one step up from our present Earth-level of “matter to fight with”.

Valiant Thor - Stranger at The Pentagon Video

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Join Stephen Bassett And View The Starlit Caribbean With a Nightly UFO Watch

Royal Caribbean - NEWLIFE Seminar-at-Sea
View the starlit Caribbean sky with a nightly UFO Starwatch
An experience of a lifetime!

Seminar at Sea - April 7-12 2014

From: New Life Cruise

You are invited to join Stephen Bassett and 20+ other speakers on the NEWLIFE 2014 Holistic "Cruise to Enlightenment" and Seminar-at-Sea. It will take place April 7 to 12, 2014 on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to the Western Caribbean.

The event website is:

Should you decide to join us in April, please be sure to enter Stephen Bassett, as the "Referral" when registering at:

Join with like-minded souls in the experience of a lifetime! The NewLife 2014 Cruise to Enlightenment and Seminar-at-Sea takes place right on our newly-renovated luxury cruise ship during our five-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in the Western Caribbean.

  • Join us on a spectacular cruise and seminar-at-sea as we sail from Ft. Lauderdale to the magnificent sun-kissed beaches of Labadee Peninsula paradise private resort and laid-back tropical island of Jamaica.
  • Be a part of a NEWLIFE Seminar at Sea, with speakers, readers, healers, and exhibitors.
  • Enjoy 5 days of bliss, as we sail into higher consciousness in 2014.??
  • Practice yoga, enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food, and participate in awesome spiritual workshops and activities.
  • View the starlit Caribbean sky with a nightly UFO Starwatch.
  • You will make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

    What is Included?

  • Seminar-At-Sea with Renowned Speakers
  • Yoga Instruction with an Expert Teacher
  • Awesome Readers, Healers, and Vendors
  • Royal Caribbean's amazing ship and service
  • Some of the most beautiful staterooms at sea
  • Delicious dining, including 24-hr room service
  • Incredible onboard entertainment
  • Fun-filled youth programs
  • Broadway stage shows
  • Ice-skating shows with pro athlete
  • The most beautiful tropical paradise destinations
  • Much, much more?


    Call Adele at Legendary World Travel:
    9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Pacific Time

    Email Adele at:

    Testimonials from the last NEWLIFE Cruise, October, 2012:

    "Overall great experience."--J.O., Ontario, Canada

    "What I enjoyed most about the cruise was everything! Great ship, great itinerary and wonderful people. My favorite speakers were Maureen, Tenwhitefeathers, Lai Ubbard, Susan, Dannion, Sean. I also really enjoyed Mark's yoga class. He is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the fire ceremony at Altun Ha. I also LOVED the Sting Ray and Dolphin swim."--M.T., California

    "I loved it all; I didn't do any excursions; it was awesome!!! I would do again loved Dannion he's awesome! And Sean!"--L.C., Massachusetts

    "I enjoyed the various speakers and the different areas that were covered. The speakers who had the experience that was most relatable to me, I enjoyed most. The ones who offered experiential exercises were by far my favorite. Dr. Susan Shumsky was number one!!! Due to the guided meditations and the personal experience they offered to me. I also really enjoyed Victoria of the Light because I had a personal connection with her. I enjoyed Dannion due to his personal story and sense of humor. I enjoyed Sean David Morton due to his experiential exercises, sense of humor, and secret government information. I found that intriguing. I enjoyed the insight that was provided into the Mayan people that was given by Elizabeth Araujo."--G.W., Pennsylvania

    "Just wanted to say thank you Susan for inviting me to be a part of the cruise and for all the work and hours that you put in, so everything would run smoothly. I really enjoyed being a part of the group. I was also very impressed with your lecture and so was everybody else that attended it. You are a brilliant speaker. I am looking forward to your next cruise."--L.U., Texas

    "I very much enjoyed the cruise and could not possibly find anything I would change. I thought it was very well organized and I would love to be a part of it again. Thank you for a wonderful time!"--C.P., Pennsylvania "My favorite activities were the hugs, dinners, and general sense of celebration among each other. If I had to say one event it would be the ceremony at Altun Ha. Going to a sacred site is a must on 'spiritual trips' like this."--S.M., California

    "I love Danion and Sean David Morton. They were both fabulous. Nicki's presentation was incredible. So was Susan's. And the ceremony/presentation that Marybeth did on the second last day was off the charts! I also loved the closing ceremony, with all the speakers. It was very high. I totally enjoyed the night vision experience and think that's a big plus. We could have promoted it a bit more at dinner every night. I don't know about his attendance, but I was shocked at how easy it was to get to the roof and 'play' in this way. A big plus, and cudos to you for bringing him. I thought that was really special."--M.S., New York

    "I had a personal experience in Belize at Al Tun Ha. That was my favorite because I connected with the spirit of the ancestors personally and came back a different person than when I started."--Gerri Walker, Pennsylvania "My favorite speakers were Dannion - gives confidence in spirit; Sean- information and funny; Susan - phenomenal meditations. My favorite event was the last speaker panel; funny, but to hear they were blessed as well as blessed us. My favorite shore excursion was Honduras - not so Americanized. The ship staff and services were phenomenal."--K.B., California

    "I enjoyed being Mayan. The people, ports and spirit of the trip were all incredible. Dannion was my favorite speaker. If you really listen to what he is saying, some of the most brilliant and cosmic material being said on the planet right now. He also adds a great sense of humor to otherwise humorless topics (like death). Sean David is like a water fountain of information. The angel wing thing was also great because it was interactive with the audience. The Jedis vs. Cyborgs thing is something I've been talking about for several years. Loved to hear it coming from Sean David now too! I really enjoyed Mark Becker's yoga. It was a nice change of pace to the classes and other scheduled activities. A great way to start the day! Meeting and connecting with people."--S.M., California

    "The service people, staff and waiters were fabulous. They noted needs, and remembered us. They produced 'food requests' almost like a magician, very quickly and with grace and ease. The ship was beautiful. Great deco, interesting layout and well thought out. Food service seemed very efficient no matter where we ate. Impressive. Loved their food, service and accommodations. I thought our stateroom (on the 2nd floor) was laid out VERY well. We were both able to store our clothes and suitcases, have room to both of us work and be comfortable! It may have been bigger than my NYC bedroom!"--M.S., New York

    "I wanted to thank you, Susan, for organizing this cruise. I think it gave the participants and the speakers new openings for the future, which was its purpose."--C.J.C., Sweden

    "I enjoyed the meeting of like minded people in a lovely relaxing situation. Victoria of Light was favourite followed closely by Dannion, then Harrison. The evening meals I enjoyed as it was a lovely way to meet the others. I loved the three excursions I took -Tulum, Altun Ha, and swimming with the Stingrays and Dolphins. They where all great in different ways can't pick best. I liked the food and service. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and all you did to make it a great experience."--J.D., New Zealand

    "The team of support people that were there all the time, EVERY one of them were sweet, comfortable, and easy to work with... Their genuine concern for our welfare was very evident. Who could ask for more? The taping team were MOST impressive. They are very hard workers. They were so flexible and 'on the job.' so many hours. I don't know how they kept up! Great prices for the videos."--M.S., New York

    "I enjoyed meeting the people, not having to cook, and the excursions off the ship. I enjoyed the dinners as you could talk to lots people. Meals were really great, the staff were very helpful, service of rooms was awesome."--L.E., New Zealand

    "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Susan, I really appreciate everything you did to make the trip a reality (both for me and everyone else). I feel so blessed and grateful just to be able to go on the cruise this year. May you all be blessed and see you on a future cruise! Thank you all so much!"--S.M., California

    "I liked everything about the cruise. My favorite speakers were Sean David, Carl Calleman, and Maureen St. Germain. My favorite event of the cruise was holding a stingray. My favorite shore excursion was Elizabeth Araujo's ceremony at Cozumel."--R.C., New York

    "My favorite speakers were Victoria of Light as she has high vibrational energy and it takes you to an amazing place. Dannion Brinkley as he was in his heart and felt like Love and Truth. Marybeth as she was coming from heart. Harrison was a genuine loving soul who also was coming from his heart. My favorite shore excursion was the trip to Altun Ha and the ceremony there, as it felt like I was connecting to other life times. It felt very special."--L.E., New Zealand

    "My favorite events were the ceremonies, all of them, Nicki's, Elizabeth, and the very special ceremony that was done at Altun-ha were just spectacular. All of them were very very special. I especially appreciate the phenomenal logistics that you arranged for the ceremony with the Mayan Elders and Dannion. People don't realize how incredible they were. I think the choice of locations that Mark demanded was SPECTACULAR!!! They were well prepared with the ceremony initiation circle and then the circle on the main lawn. Quite impressive. It is quite an undertaking. Congratulations on pulling that one off! You chose well."--M.S., New York