Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure Anniversary Special With Corey Goode and David Wilcock (video)

Join us in a celebratory recollection of the journey to explore humanity’s secret history in space.
Venture beyond our terrestrial origins and uncover untold truths throughout the cosmos.

Tune into the ongoing, weekly series of Cosmic Disclosure as David Wilcock interviews insiders about the details of the Secret Space Program.

In this anniversary special, we look back on the highlights of that journey and reflect upon how far we have come in understanding the clandestine efforts to establish thriving human civilizations throughout the cosmos. During this time, many secrets have been revealed as to the extent of the technological build out of our solar system, the extraterrestrial races which have helped our progress, and the organizations responsible for these advancements.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dr. Steven Greer: Important Message About the UFO Disclosure Film "Unacknowledged"

From Dr. Steven Greer:

A Message From DR. Greer About the new Crowdfunding Goals for the UFO Disclosure Film "Unacknowledged"

Dear Donors,

Thank you for your generous support of the "Unacknowledged" film!

With your help we have now reached our minimum goal of $500,000 to produce the movie and companion book by the same title. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have given to the campaign for your contribution.

As some of you already know, we have just completed filming some of the most important and significant top secret witnesses in Disclosure history, whose testimony will be featured in the new documentary.

As we look to the future of the campaign and the eventual release of the film, we want everyone to understand that we need your continued support now more then ever to assist us with getting the word out further and to help us raise the next round of funding support relating to the global roll out of the film and other aspects of the initiative including:
  • Continuing the Campaign to end illegal UFO secrecy and
        bring free energy to the world.

  • Identify new top secret witnesses and obtain further hard

  • Building a robust educational, PR and marketing campaign
        for "Unacknowledged" so that as many people on Earth     know that we are not alone and it is time for the truth to be     told!

  • When Sirius first came out, our team lacked the funds to do a global campaign and marketing initiative that would rival similar Hollywood productions. Even with our limited resources, we managed to break records and put the film in as many households as we could with what we had to work with.

    For this new movie, we intend to quadruple our efforts with the marketing of the film to our global audience and we will need your help to crowdsource a massive Publicity and Advertising Campaign that could easily reach into the millions of dollars for a film of this size.

    We intend to make "Unacknowledged" a household word known around the world. This can only be done with an extensive educational and public relations budget, which we currently do not have.

    We thank you in advance for any further funds you can provide or guide into the campaign through your network, all of which will help us to achieve these goals.

    If all the people on our mailing list each gave only $10, we would have an additional $800,000 for these critical post-production, marketing and educational initiatives that we are eager to deploy.

    Again, thank you for all of your support and lets keep the momentum going!


    Steven M. Greer MD

    To support the campaign that ends illegal UFO and free energy secrecy please click here:

    Please use our hashtags when you post about us on social media: #‎unacknowledged #sirirusdisclosure‎

    Look for our second trailer in the weeks to come! In the meantime, please view and share our first trailer by clicking here:
    Unacknowledged Trailer #1

    Click HERE to help end illegal UFO and free energy secrecy!

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    UFO Disclosure: Rocking the Secret Space Programs Boat

    By Dr. Michael Salla:

    Rock star Tom DeLonge co-authored the book, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, which is the first in a multimedia series of books and documentaries promising to blow the lid off a cover up of Secret Space Programs and the UFO phenomenon.

    A close reading of the “fiction based on fact” Sekret Machines, suggests that what it more accurately does is expose the reader to the first level of a multilayered set of Secret Space Programs.

    DeLonge, a former lead vocalist for Blink 182, is the creator of the Sekret Machines multimedia disclosure initiative, and has enlisted top writers such as A.J. Hartley and Peter Levenda to co-author up to six books. In the preface of Sekret Machines and interviews, Delonge describes how he is being helped by a team of ten advisors with direct links to corporations and Department of Defense entities involved with the U.S. development of a secret space program, and knowledge of a similar program simultaneously developed in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

    Sekret Machines is the product of what the advisory team is telling Delonge about their knowledge of the secret space programs that evolved in the US and Russia. According to DeLonge, their revelations are officially sanctioned by those with need to know access, and therefore the most authoritative disclosure yet to emerge on the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs.

    This leads to the all-important question: is what the advisory team telling DeLonge the full truth about these topics, or only the first layer of the proverbial onion when it comes to secret space programs involving U.S. corporations and different branches of the U.S. military?

    Delonge’s secret space program revelations in Sekret Machines need to be carefully compared to what credible sources have to say about these programs. In particular, the testimonies of whistleblowers who have publicly revealed themselves, thereby allowing close public scrutiny of their claims, provide a template for evaluating DeLonge’s revelations. There are two who stand out at the moment as the most credible independent sources of information on secret space programs: William Tompkins and Corey Goode.

    Tompkins, a former aerospace engineer, has provided multiple documents, some dating back to the early 1940’s, which support his claimed involvement in the development of U.S. Navy and corporate funded initiatives related to secret space programs. Tompkins says that he was involved in various stages in the design, engineering and construction of a secret space program called “Solar Warden,” up to the time it became operational in 1984.

    Two retired Navy officers recently confirmed Tompkins’ subsequent claims of leading “Special Projects” relating to advanced aerospace topics, while holding a number of leadership positions with the U.S. Navy League from 1985 to 1999.

    Goode has provided first hand testimony of direct involvement in the operations of these programs from 1987 to 2007, and more recently in negotiations between Solar Warden and other space related programs. While Goode has provided no documents to directly support his testimony, he has been extensively vetted by a number of sources.

    These include the managers of Gaia TV and best selling author David Wilcock, who found him to be credible and subsequently approved a series of interviews called Cosmic Disclosure, which just began its second year. My own analysis of Goode’s testimony in relation to other whistleblower revelations, public documents and circumstantial evidence was also positive, as detailed in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs.

    What follows is a two part series of articles comparing DeLonge’s version of the history of a corporate funded U.S. secret space program, and what Tompkins and Goode have previously disclosed.

    The Role of Nazi Germany in developing a Secret Space Program

    In Sekret Machines, Delonge’s revelations coincide closely with the “high octane speculations” of the historian, Joseph Farrell, who has closely studied many Nazi-era documents in a series of books. We are told by DeLonge and Farrell that Nazi Germany was partly successful in developing an antigravity torsion field device called the Bell – Die Glocke. While it was not successfully weaponized in time to assist the Nazi war effort in Europe, it was secretly transported to South America, and eventually Antarctica in an effort by the Nazis to establish a covert Fourth Reich.

    Artistic Depiction of Nazi Bell Project

    For the rest of Dr Salla's article with video's and links also part 2

    Sheldan Nidle Update: Some Wondrous Events are Manifesting and this set of Events is Reaching its Climax with the Finishing of the Global Currency Reset!

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    Your wondrous positive energies are making a difference. Combined with those of your brethren, they are allowing monies to be distributed, new financial systems to form and a new governance to be disclosed. We have become a team that is marvelously backing up all those who have worked tireless hours to bring these momentous events to fruition.

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Dratzo! We come to discuss the changes being readied for this beautiful blue-green orb. For many years, the last major remnants of the dark cabal have worked to delay or prevent the inevitable. Now, those who are formally in charge have finally come together with us and set up a timetable for the initial distribution of the prosperity funds and its grand corollary, the RV. These global distributions are to be the death knell for the American de facto regime and its dark companion, the European Union. As the beginnings of the British exit become known, this new monetary system can at last ready itself for the rise of BRICS and a fairer global banking system. To us, it is significant that this operation began as the Galactic New Year was to be proclaimed! Thus, a time for a series of new realities appeared even as a whole host of new energies became available. The workers of the Light, as well as those who oversee the moving of the new monies, are ecstatic and see this time as a new start for this realm. At the moment, some wondrous events are manifesting and this set of events is reaching its climax with the finishing of the Global Currency Reset [GCR]!

    This whole operation began in the late Middle Ages in Europe and Asia. Gold and many other commodities were being stockpiled while a period of great unrest ravaged this vast interconnected continent. A special committee, composed of a select group of Ascended Masters, chose a number of somewhat well-off families who had a long background in the occult Arts. At the original head of these Masters was Lord Lanto, who was appointed to this position by a special celestial council headed by Archangel Michael. This heavenly commission asked Lanto to begin to gather great wealth and store it in secret depositories. The location of those depositories was to stay hidden to protect them from the dark until the right, divine moment. Lord Lanto chose his most precious chela, Kuan Yin. Then, a search began to find a suitable counterpart in the West. Her grand search ended when she met the Ascended Master, Count Saint Germain in the early 16th Century. The wishes of Heaven then began to be divinely fulfilled.

    In the following centuries, the grand depositories were constructed. Saint Germain led the West and its many monarchies into the modern era of banking. This adventure permitted the West to spread its hideous system and forge an age of empire. These distractions enabled the trust fund to grow, mirroring the amounts hidden away by Kuan Yin and her associates. By the rise of the 20th Century, the stage was being set for a time when great changes in the world were truly possible. This opportunity was realized with the sudden end of the last century’s Second World War. The new institutions set up by the West following this global conflict set the stage for a number of legal strategies that were to bear fruit in the mid-1990s. At that time, the sudden “Treaty of Anchara” opened up this planet’s dark cabal to a process that was to lead this realm toward an era of Light, peace and prosperity. This takes us to the present time, where we are on the verge of an end to the financial power of the dark minions and the rise of a vast new banking system with a true global currency reset.

    This is also a period filled with the final preliminaries to our long-awaited mass landings. These landings are to bring you our mentors and the time for you to learn in depth about each other. This is to last up to a year, as a degree of true trust and history needs to be laid down. The Ascended Masters are to help by giving you a most pertinent history lesson. Much of what Atlantis stood for in its last days needs to be fully revealed. Many things need to be discussed, such as how the Anunnaki manipulated you by giving you a set of perceptions that you long have believed real. Many things such as this need to be looked at, and a general discussion between us has to occur. In many ways, you were left to your own devices, and a study of how this enabled the Anunnaki and their minions to control you is begging to be had. You need to know as well what really happened to you after the so-called “Biblical Flood”. It is essential that, along with a number of vital discussions, this be openly explored. This process, and a plethora of questions for why we think now is the time, may last for nearly a year!

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
    We come to clarify what has already been told to you. When we were first formed, in Heaven’s grace-filled Light, it was done for a divine purpose. Humanity was firmly at the mercy of the dark Anunnaki. Heaven had given them a clear-cut dispensation to rule this surface world until that time when Heaven decreed otherwise. Our task was to monitor and, with grace and special mercies, to assuage the evil done by the dark. This we have done and, in so doing, added to the sacred process that is currently in effect. We rejoice in the fact that our space families have come under the special guidance of Heaven. We are now on the verge of events that are to transform this dark realm and permit us to teach you about how you arrived at your current situation. We thank Heaven for these acts, and for the ongoing defeat of the dark and the blessed transformations that are currently underway.

    We thank all of you as well, and daily bless what presently is occurring around this wondrous orb. The dark cabal has pushed Gaia to its very limits. We need to maintain our collective vision and use our righteous intent to complete these amazing acts of courage and wondrous mercy. Each of you fully realizes that while these events are taking time to manifest, they are happening nonetheless. Your wondrous positive energies are making a difference. Combined with those of your brethren, they are allowing monies to be distributed, new financial systems to form and a new governance to be disclosed. We have become a team that is marvelously backing up all those who have worked tireless hours to bring these momentous events to fruition. We are now teetering on the edge of a long-awaited era when peace, freedom and prosperity reign.

    Take this precious time to salute yourselves and know deep in your heart that Heaven heard your plight and has duly acted. Many things needed to be cleared away and numerous conditions met to further add the great decrees of Heaven. Many sacred beings used their powers of decree to move Heaven and Earth in the right direction for meaningful change. This has now been done and their great works are beginning to force the differences required to end your long nightmare of limited consciousness. You are on a path toward full consciousness, and the isolating of those whose unholy arrogance has kept you from your promised blessings and much-needed freedom. We also welcome this, as it allows us to move with you to a next level of galactic freedom and responsibility. These acts of divine energy are just the start for us as a people. We have a destiny that we relish telling you about. Hosanna! Hosanna!

    Today, we have given you a taste of what is ready to happen. We are most grateful that all of this has been accomplished with a minimum of discord. It is not easy to so wonderfully hold off the dark ones and their rash of endless dark thoughts. Be brave and continue your envisioning! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    For more from the Galactic Federation

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    Neil Keenan Update: Funding The Neil Keenan / Group K Mission

    From Neil Keenan and Group K

    To Help Secure the Global Collateral Accounts

    Funding the Neil Keenan and Group K Mission is now open for tax-deductible donations through the support of Lords of Light Foundation’s ‘Funding The Foot Soldiers’ Project in order to successfully achieve their final goal in securing and opening the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA).

    Consequently, these Accounts will then be used as they were originally intended: to establish and set up charitable foundations worldwide to fund humanitarian programs and much needed projects to benefit humanity now and in the future.

    In Supporting the Neil Keenan & Group K Mission these beneficial foundations will, in turn, directly address many pressing issues in each nation’s local communities such as free energy, self-sufficiency, building infrastructure, clean water, restoring soil conditions for growing nutritional food, as well as other critical humanitarian issues, and finally freedom from our present debt-slave system.

    This Is A Call To Action: Time is of the essence, more so than ever today, because ongoing relentless and bad fiscal management has directly affected the well-being of so many people in their daily lives.

    It is the foremost intention of Neil Keenan and Group K to work directly through charitable foundations rather than through governments or banks, where very little money has ever reached the people and those most needing assistance.

    This Charitable Funding on behalf of the Neil Keenan & Group K Mission will be working in conjunction with LORDS OF LIGHT FOUNDATION a 501 (c) (3), whereby all charitable donations are tax-deductible. From the words of its’ Founder, Mark A. Thomas:
    “We are a forward thinking foundation. With a proven track record in private sector fundraising, our team has over 30 years of experience and, together, we have raised in excess of 45 million dollars for research and development. This experience gives us a unique approach on new and innovative projects”
    We are now introducing our new philanthropic concept – ‘Funding the Foot Soldiers’.

    Lords of Light Foundation fully supports the Keenan-Group K Mission, because Neil has shown us that he has worked hard, to earn his authorized M1 position on behalf of securing the GCA. Neil represents the best example of our Foot Soldiers Project. Your support with your Tax-Deductible Donation will go directly into a specified fund on this website to support Neil Keenan & Group K’s Mission.

    Neil Keenan is a True Foot Soldier, an Irish American as well as an international businessman, who has successfully created development projects in several developing countries where he worked with official ministers and presidents. He specializes in the proper placement of financial instruments into investment PPP programs. Throughout his career his compassion and sincere concerns for people have been first and foremost in his life.

    For further information on – Neil Keenan & Group K’s GCA Accomplishments – Go to - index 7.00 start:
    Neil Keenan History & Events Timeline.

    In brief, the GCA were created through the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement, and developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, whereby all nations would turn over their collateral hard assets to be registered and stored in many countries of Southeast Asia. These large collections of gold and hard assets were then used to support and back the world’s financial systems, as well as to create each nation’s currencies against their collateral assets.

    For further information on – Understanding the History of the GCA – Go to - index 1.02 start: Neil Keenan History & Events Timeline.

    GCA Funding History: The final post-WWII 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement also stated that the large accumulated interest created on the GCA collateral loans would be used to fund economic and humanitarian rebuilding projects for each nation, especially those in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) nations (Third World). Unfortunately, this project funding never materialized.

    Since 80% of the GCA are owned by the Asian Dragon Family, the Depositors, these families have been trying for decades to use the off-ledger GCA to fund humanitarian projects throughout the world. The Family has now authorized Neil Keenan & Group K to immediately secure and open these Accounts for their long awaited charitable funding purpose.

    Not since President Sukarno of Indonesia was officially elected as M1, the monetary controller of the GCA, has there been anyone elected since then to replace him. Neil Keenan has now been designated to become the new M1 after he signs the necessary legal papers.

    This is a very important authorization of Neil by the Family, as well as by the Holders, who are the protectors of the physical Assets in Indonesia in the off-ledger accounts. This gives Neil the permission to open the Accounts and to monetize them for designated programs.

    As a result, Neil Keenan can now fulfill the Dragon Family’s original Plan of Action for Humanity.

    Picture: Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto is the Director of the Soekarno Trust worth 20 or more Quadrillion Dollars.

    The Soekarno Trust is what President John F. Kennedy was leaning on with the Green Hilton Agreement before his death. Edys’ father inherited the Trust upon President Soekarno’s passing and from there it was turned over to Edy Seno.

    Now seeing he is friends with Neil Keenan it only makes sense that Neil aids Edy in getting out the packages for humanity’s sake. By Neil aiding Mr. Seno it aids the Planet.

    Thank you, Lords of Light Foundation for supporting us through your Foot Soldiers Project in funding our mission to secure the GCA.

    A very special thanks to those who are already supporting us in this effort with their donations. For everyone who makes a donation, know that you will not be forgotten with a simple receipt.

    You will now be in our email data base, so when we have completed our mission with your support, we will send you a very special thanks. For those who are making larger tax-deductible donations, thank you. I will not let you down!

    Your donations will provide a solid framework for a further connection with our Group K Foundations. You may be invited to participate in our Group K planning sessions for humanitarian programs and projects.

    180 + nations will directly benefit from such funding for local and national programs which will release many new technologies such as free energy, clean sea and still water. First we need to restore our communities with new infrastructure and strong environmental projects.

    Furthermore, we must clean up the financial messes of past administrations. Eventually, we will get to tackle the fun humanitarian projects! Remember we are the caretakers of our own planet, not the elected politicians, so we must make it right for us and future generations…It must not end with us!

    I look forward to that day, meaning soon, when the GCA’s help ALL Humanity.

    Thank You,

    Neil Keenan, and Group K

    Join The Lords of Light Foot Soldiers Project.

    Remember… A single candle can Light a dark room.

    Lords of Light

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    Sheldan Nidle Update: The Dark Cabal is Beginning to Crack Open

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    The dark cabal is beginning to crack open. Meanwhile, the new NESARA Republic prepares to be openly declared. This time, thus, is the moment that Heaven has long prophesized.

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Selamat Jalwa! It is a truly sad time for you and, especially, for those who have so carelessly and arrogantly ruled you. The Nice attack was yet another false flag. It was a vain attempt to bring into view those who so desperately wish to discover some way by which they can somehow prevent the inevitable. The time of these massive behemoths' reign of death and destruction is nearly over. Their rule by default was first established in the early 1960s and brought to its full potential in the mid-1970s. It has fed violence, madness and crazy acts that seem impossible to fully understand. Soon, they are to be arrested and you are to be shown how they long carried out their dirty work. This last instrument of horror pursued by them is a global psychic network run by a large group of misguided men, woman and boys. It has brought us horrifying incidents that have led to the deaths of famous celebrities, formerly unknown victims and been part of incidents of shocking horror in India, Israel and great parts of Western Europe. The idea was first to shock, and then to hope that their acts led to "copy-cat" acts that spread the insanity. All of this is finally to lessen as this deranged network is finally taken down.

    When the dark cabal learned of the power of the mind as demonstrated by the dark E.Ts in the early 1950s, the cabal asked its minions to take this vile technology and "run with it". This is the source of the psychedelic age, and a strange network created out of the recruitment of young men and women to follow the wishes of a thoroughly corrupt group of mad oligarchs, who deeply wanted to even further control the minds of their enslaved subjects. These wishes produced the age of powerful addictions and a type of violence strongly aligned to this horrible nonsense. However, this process had a more sinister operation. It was to hopefully increase the degree of dark control now embraced by these same unholy oligarchs. Nevertheless, these various schemes began to crumble as the degree of consciousness rose. Ultimately, we are to introduce mind technologies that are to terminate this relationship between addiction and many vile acts. Your world has been caught in this dangerous trap for too long and it is now time to finish off the mess that has existed since the late 1960s.

    The rise of human consciousness is to be the most important development of this century. It is part and parcel of our arrival on the scene and the rise of Western governments. This is to mark how humanity is finally going to alter the constant pattern of widespread corruption and foreign control. At present, the single most important event in the BRICS nations is the true reform that is altering how the former colonial practice of Western-oriented corruption is to end. This immense practice is to be stopped because the West itself realizes just how this corruption forged governments loyal to the "powers that be" and not to the people. Democracy is a system that is first born whole and then carefully protected by all. We have a form of it called "fluid dynamics". It is a more primitive version of this than NESARA and, more importantly, a global version, "GESARA," that is to spring up in the coming months. We are confident that this instrument is swiftly to alter into an original form of "fluid dynamics". This is to be greatly influenced by our mass arrival on your beautiful shores.

    As you grow over the coming times, you are to participate in the RV and at last be an international part of the GCR. These monies are to signal the start of an endless prosperity, as well as a new precious metals-backed financial system. In about a year or less, this is to lead to a technology that is to do away with monies and permit you to repair the damage to Gaia caused by nearly 13 millennia of resources mining, farming and other primitive acts that greatly diminished the surface of your world. You can then restore your world and indirectly ready yourselves for your eventual mass migration to Inner Earth (Agartha). By that time, we are to land and begin a dialogue that is to lead you to your own crystal Light Chamber. Our discussions, along with the lessons of your Ascended Masters, are to prepare you for what is to follow. Armed with this vital information and the answering by us of a number of important questions, you are to begin the operation that is to lead you to your Light Chamber and to full consciousness! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
    We address you at a most auspicious time. The dark cabal is beginning to crack open. Meanwhile, the new NESARA Republic prepares to be openly declared. This time, thus, is the moment that Heaven has long prophesized. The dark is quickly losing its grip on the pace of this realm. A new Master has assumed the helm and is of the Light. We simply ask all to trust in this and permit these new realities to take shape. Heaven has readied an agenda filled with surprises and embodying the essence of joy. Therefore, be prepared to see all kinds of wonders and miracles appear before you. As always, we solemnly invoke the energies that your positive spirits have manifested. You are doing your part to strengthen and preserve this. Heaven applauds you for the way you are making it positive for these energies to continue on, and to grow even stronger as these events mature and reach their boiling points.

    You, dear Ones, are a most marvelous group of Light workers. When we ourselves began this journey and started to expand our group as each new Master was added, we saw clearly how long this journey to the Light was to become. We began to marshal our strengths and plot just how long this arduous journey was to take. Most of us thought it was to take another quarter-millennium or so. You have amazed us, as generation after generation was even more spiritual and conscious than the last. Then, to our amazement, the Galactic Federation returned and presented us with the special mentoring program and the agreements made with the medical team on how best to coordinate the Light Chamber construction and constant modification program. These are to ensure that every individual is to be easily returned to full consciousness. We now had a plan and a means to successfully pursue it.

    What you are on the verge of is a most fantastic proposition! Long ago, the Atlanteans dropped you into a special limited consciousness realm. Heaven promised that this special reality was merely a limited one. You are currently within a truly unique operation, which is destined to reverse the actions first imposed upon you by the Atlanteans. You are even, in the very near future, to offer the dark ones who originally forced all of this upon the Atlanteans, a wondrous Light Body and the joy of full consciousness. These events are to prove again how Heaven works to make the Light omnipotent. We are close to entering a new Great Galactic Year. In this time, full galactic peace is to be conferred. This Galaxy, which was once so dark, is then to become a place filled with Light and a plethora of prophecies fulfilled!

    Today, we have reviewed what is happening across this globe. Take this time to add your Light to the growing energies of a world emblazoned with an ever-growing layer of consciousness. Be happy and joyous! The time for your global liberation has come! Know, dear ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    For more from the Galactic Federation and PAO

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Dr. Steven Greer: "Unacknowledged" New Disclosure Documentary Trailer

    Experience the new "Unacknowledged" trailer
    and share it on social media and with all your friends!

    Exciting new "Unacknowledged " trailer. Get a feel for how amazing the film is going to be.

    The world is about to change and you can be a part of it!

    Click Here to support our campaign to:

    End Illegal UFO and New Energy Secrecy
    and Begin a Sustainable Civilization!

    Its up to all of us!

    David Wilcock - Corey Goode: From Venus to Antarctica

    Cosmic Disclosure
    From Venus to Antarctica

    David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. And I'm here with Corey Goode.

    I'm actually learning a lot myself by talking to him about this, because even though we discuss some of these things on the phone, I've never really gotten to see it all laid out like this. It is a tragic story.

    In fact, I would say this is probably the greatest drama of any of Corey's accounts that we've had since he was first taken to Mars and was captured and almost killed before he got portaled out.

    So Corey, welcome back to the program.

    Corey Goode: Thank you.

    David: So where we last left you, you have now been in the bus with Kaaree on the way back from this meeting in the Kuiper Belt in which this man who becomes The Wrangler later on in our story and Gonzales were both sitting there. And they're looking at intel, but they don't want to tell you anything, which means you and I, and, thus, our audience and everybody else, is getting cut off from valuable stuff.

    And everything we've been hearing is that this is all building up to some epic defeats of the Cabal on Earth, some stuff that we want to know more about.

    Corey: Right.

    David: So did you get any sense of the progress towards the exposure and defeat of the Cabal from any of these briefings at all?

    Corey: It sounded as though everything was still status quo on the negotiation side, but there was beginning to come . . . Information about Antarctica was starting to come out. And there was a little bit of that in there, but that really developed more later.

    David: The Wrangler and Gonzales started to give you information about Antarctica?

    Corey: Right, that . . . Well, Antarctica and more information about . . . That was actually the time I was given information about bases, the underground bases in Brazil and Argentina, that Cabal groups were going into like ants, bringing supplies and all kinds of stuff.

    And I was told about the rift system that ran from Antarctica and connected to enough . . . another rift system that ran underneath South America, Central America, on up to the United States. And part of . . .

    David: These rifts are in the ocean, and they're like traversable tunnels with water in them?

    Corey: These are actual tectonic rifts that, you know, like a rift, and . . .

    David: A crack between the plates of the Earth.

    Corey: Right. And some of the area was completely underwater. In some areas, they had built out towards the top little bases or outposts. But the area was so incredibly huge.

    And they described what they call 'black subs' that were the size of container ships that carried shipping containers full of beans, bullets – everything needed. And they were traveling underwater, propelled electromagnetically underwater, through this rift system all the way to Antarctica where they had a port.

    David: All right. I want to bring this to your attention, Corey, because I don't know if I've ever said this to you. My insider, Bruce, who I met through Hoagland, who's a major part of the new book “Ascension Mysteries”, told me that he may be leaving, that he may have to go to Argentina or somewhere in South America.

    And when I asked him why – now remember, this is the guy who worked for the Reagans – he told me that they are moving everything out of North America, Europe, all that. They're migrating down there. And it's because there is this massive effort against them from Putin – is how he was explaining it.

    Then we independently had Pete Peterson basically tell me the same thing, not that he was going to be leaving, but that there is a massive transportation of all kinds of assets, personnel, personal items from high level Cabal people.

    They're moving their houses, their families, their staff, everybody. They're trying to hide out. Now why do you think, or were you told, why are they hiding out?

    Corey: Well, because of the way things were going for them, was what I was told at this meeting. But later on, I was told that they, at least some of them that were headed down to Antarctica, had the belief that there was going to be some sort of solar kill shot or huge plasma waves that were going to hit the Earth.

    And since they couldn't escape the Earth at the time, they were going to hide out under the ice shelf.

    David: And this gets back to the Hindu Zoroastrian Christian prophecy of the so-called glory Lord of this big solar flash event.

    Corey: Correct.

    David: Okay. So, but can you also corroborate the intel that I got from Bruce and Peterson that these people feel like there's going to be some epic public defeat of them, exposure of them, and that's part of why they're on the run?

    Corey: Oh, yeah. They're . . . This is the part of the Cabal that is not negotiating. Part of . . . There's part of the Cabal that's negotiating with the Earth Alliance, and then there's another part that is not up for negotiation. Don't even consider it.

    David: Okay. So let's now move forward on this. And what is the next noteworthy thing that happens? Did you talk to Kaaree and find out more about what Gonzales was up to while he was in the Inner Earth?

    Corey: Yes. And that had occurred a little earlier. The conversations I was having with Kaaree were after she had told me that Gonzales was not only made things to where only he went to this outpost, this Ancient Builder Race outpost that was working, operational - he had them take only him to that and also to another meeting right after, which was very similar.

    It was the exact same station that we had gone to outside of . . . in Jupiter's orbit. He had, after that, he had been taken directly out to Saturn, which had an exact duplicate base or station that we had gone to around Jupiter that we had meetings with the Super Federation group.

    This . . . But when he went to this, it was the same thing. He went through this, not really a portal, but some sort of a time anomaly to where you have to go in and come out the same way. He went . . . They went in the same way. They docked. There were no other vessels. There was nobody in that station at all.

    And she took him to the exact meeting room that we had been in where everyone would sit in these horseshoe shaped areas where they were assigned. And he saw one of these beings again that was out at the Venus location.

    And once again, he was told that he lacked humility. And he couldn't go ahead with the meeting.

    David: So I want to double click on Venus a little bit here, because I have had an incredibly hard time getting any information about any unusual activity going on in this planet, around this planet, at all.

    Corey: It's mostly a no fly zone for various SSP groups.

    David: So let me tell you what I have heard from various insiders whose testimony corroborates with yours, and we'll just take it from there.

    First of all, I talked to Pete Peterson about it, and from his level of need to know, that's a very important point for everybody to remember, 'his level of need to know', he was told that the planet is very hot because of all the clouds and that the only . . . that there are some developments from our Space Program there, but they have to be staffed by androids, because humans can't handle the heat.

    That's what he was told, that everything that's there is run by basically robotic humanoids and not people, because the temperature is so sweltering.

    Corey: Yeah. Well, we have bases that are floating in the clouds of Venus.

    David: 'We' as in the Space Program?

    Corey: The Space Program.

    David: And you knew that while you were in Solar Warden?

    Corey: Yes. I had read about those facilities.

    David: Okay. Could you tell us a little bit about what they are? What they did?

    Corey: Well, they were research. They were listed as research facilities that were somehow suspended in the clouds of Venus and that there were also some on the ground that were built pretty much just like the high pressure underwater bases.

    Would you like to hear what Gonzales said . . . reported that he saw?

    David: Yeah. Yeah.

    Corey: Him and the Anshar bus craft and Kaaree . . .

    David: Now when did he report this to you, first of all? Or did you get this from Kaaree?

    Corey: They both reported it to me when they were both sitting in the . . .

    David: In the Construct?

    Corey: In the Construct.

    David: All right. So what did Gonzales tell you in the Construct happened to him?

    Corey: He stated that they entered Venus' atmosphere and . . .

    David: Was he in the Anshar bus craft?

    Corey: Yes.

    David: Okay.

    Corey: They entered the Venus atmosphere, and when they got down to the area where the clouds broke, and all of a sudden these holograms just sort of phew, phew, over these different areas. And there were these . . .

    David: I don't know what you mean by 'phew, phew'.

    Corey: Well, they just . . . They turned off.

    David: The holograms turned off.

    Corey: Yeah, hologram, like camouflage holograms that were covering . . .

    David: So what you're seeing without the holograms . . . with the holograms in place (it) just looks like a regular, ordinary, barren planet surface?

    Corey: Just geology.

    David: Okay.

    Corey: He could see these very large, very large H-shaped buildings, and flew down, went down into the ground of Venus and traveled a little ways before they landed in a cavern. And this one that he went to was a working outpost. So . . .

    David: For who?

    Corey: For the Ancient Builder Race. This was Ancient Builder technology.

    David: So the Ancient Builder Race did not leave.

    Corey: Well, the technology was still working.

    David: Wow!

    Corey: Yes. Once they had landed and disembarked from the craft, he was told to wait at the entrance – not to come in. And Kaaree and two others, probably the pilots, walked in to this arch area that he could just see a piece of kind of an angled glass-like structure going up. And he couldn't make out the rest of the structure.

    And they walked inside . . .

    David: And it was of colossal size?

    Corey: Colossal size.

    David: Wow!

    Corey: So Gonzales is waiting in the area where they had landed, but watching. And they walked in, and all of a sudden the . . . everything lit up. The glass got darker, and then started to have all these symbols appearing, all going all the way up the . . . It's like an A-frame, I guess, going up like this. And all these symbols started appearing.

    And one that he could make out he said looked like a backwards E that had a little G thing on the bottom.

    David: Hmm.

    Corey: A symbol he had never seen before. And that's the one that really stuck in his head. The rest were real small, and they would just - 'phit, phit' – appear and disappear, just all up and down this thing.

    David: Now, how does this match up with other cool stuff that Gonzales has seen? He's obviously been to a variety of star systems. He's seen all kinds of extraterrestrial constructs.

    Corey: This was a big deal.

    David: Was he blown away by this?

    Corey: Yes. No one had heard of any working Ancient Builder Race technology, or any that was not just destroyed or had been visited and picked at. Scavenged.

    David: But this seems to have been protected by holograms, and very much active. It hadn't been smashed by meteors. It was still working just fine.

    Corey: Correct.

    David: So he's blown away. He's tripping out from this.

    Corey: Yeah. He was very excited.

    David: But you were supposed to be there with him, weren't you?

    Corey: Correct.

    David: But he is now playing this dodgy game and didn't invite you.

    Corey: Right.

    David: So what happens next? He sees all these symbols on the wall.

    Corey: He saw . . . You know, the three Anshar came back, and Kaaree said that they refused to . . . and he could see the being that they were conversing with.

    David: And what did that look like?

    Corey: It was a 12 to 14 foot tall completely white being, white clothes. And that's from that distance. That's . . . you know, he said that its . . . It had a head that had a very interesting nose that came down that reminded him of the Easter Island heads.

    David: Oh, like the Moai.

    Corey: Yeah. It was kind of similar. Not exactly.

    David: Hmm.

    Corey: So he was pretty excited. And then the Anshar walked up, and Kaaree told him that he would not be entering the facility or the outpost because the guardian of the outpost had told him that . . . or they called him a sentinel.

    The sentinel had said that Gonzales lacked humility.

    David: Okay. I think a lot of people may be confused at this point, because you told us before that the Ancient Builder Race folks are long gone.

    Corey: Mhmm.

    David: They left behind a whole bunch of ruins, including these little tablets that can create stasis fields where you hopscotch through 10,000 years.

    Now you're saying that there is a being that looks like Easter Island that's 12 feet tall that's still there hanging out for two billion years?

    Corey: Yes, but it seemed to have been materialized or projected from this outpost.

    David: Right. Like the same thing with the holographic projections of clouds, and then these projections of symbols.

    Corey: Right.

    David: So this may not have been a living being . . .

    Corey: Yeah, it was not . . .

    David: . . . as much as some sort of . . .

    Corey: . . . a flesh and blood living . .

    David: . . . super high tech repository of . . .

    Corey: Projection.

    David: Wow!

    Corey: So after that, they left. And he again had talked his way, and I talked about what had happened around Saturn. And that was a real short non-meeting, because he was told again he lacked humility and was turned away.

    David: This would have been a meeting with the Super Federation and it took place in the same room?

    Corey: No. This was a totally different station that was an exact duplicate of the station that the Super Federation was meeting on. But this one was not . . . The second one was outside of Saturn, not Jupiter.

    David: Oh. You were supposed to be there with him, and he had outfoxed you somehow.

    Corey: Yes. And at that location, they asked to meet with the name that they call me.

    David: Okay. Now, . . . and I know you can't say what that is, and I respect that. The Blue Avians have only ever spoken to the SSP Alliance through you . . .

    Corey: And Gonzales.

    David: And through Gonzales. Now he's cutting you out of the deal. But did the Blue Avians tell him to cut you out of the deal, or did he just make this decision on his own?

    Corey: That was his own. He was in a reactionary state.

    David: Sure. So both of these meetings get blown, and they don't happen. Let's go to the next part of the story. What happens at this point?

    Corey: He is taken back to the Anshar city. And it was very shortly after that that he had officially worn out his welcome and was sent back to the Kuiper belt base.

    And that's where he's remained as . . . until he . . . I was told that he went off for healing with the Mayan group.

    David: And that's interesting, because I remember back when you were still on good terms with him that he had warned you at one point that you might not see him much longer.

    Corey: The way he stated it was if he were to disappear and no longer . . . and didn't have a chance to say goodbye, that I should understand that he has gone . . . It was his turn to go in with the Mayan group for healing - the healing technology they have.

    David: It's really kind of sad that this ended up happening the way that it did. You and Gonzales were good buddies, and now he's basically trying to stab you in the back. And I think a lot of people watching this show, they might want to have had a very benevolent view of Gonzales. They've seen him as a hero. They like him.

    Corey: I like him. I mean, he was . . . He's just in a triggered state. He's, you know, upset.

    David: Did he have . . . I don't know if you can say this, but I guess since he's outed now and they know who he is, I mean, did he have family here on Earth? Did he have to . . . Did he, like, lose people?

    Corey: He told me that he didn't have family, but later on he said that there were people he cared about that he was worried about.

    David: Hmm.

    Corey: But he was not going to give me any specifics about people close to him.

    David: But you said that he had this very important job liaising with the Earth Alliance, and that he was of critical importance in this whole SSP Alliance plan to try to get Full Disclosure on Earth.

    Corey: Yes.

    David: So he himself apparently just couldn't forgive you for what had happened here.

    Corey: Yeah, he . . . One of his friends and colleagues was dead, and another one was missing, and he was outed and could no longer perform his job.

    David: We've also heard from you before that there has been a breakdown in communication between the SSP Alliance and the Earth. And you mentioned in the previous episode something really fascinating which I hadn't understood until we were doing this on camera, that the SSP Alliance couldn't just show up on Earth whenever they wanted, that they had to do all of this stuff they were doing covertly.

    Corey: Yes. Some of it was done covertly, but they were doing a lot of it overtly. They were getting clearance to land at the LOC (Lunar Operations Command). You can't just land at the LOC and disembark a bunch of people and go into a meeting room.

    David: Right.

    Corey: So, they . . . Until they were outed, they had a lot more, I guess, ability to move around.

    David: So what do you . . .

    Corey: And during this time, the Anshar were really working on trying to get a meeting with the Super Federation, the Draco, and other groups that had signed this what they called that Muhammad Accord that would allow them to interact with humans more openly.

    All the signatories of this treaty had to agree to change it to ratify it.

    David: This involved the evil and the good groups all having to form a treaty with each other?

    Corey: All groups present in the solar system that were in competition, had different agendas. They were up until the . . . supposedly up until the time just after Muhammad, they were appearing to people and having open conflict in the skies.

    And this treaty stated that they would allow humanity to develop on its own overtly, and they would only covertly manipulate and puppeteer the leaders.

    David: Why do you think both the good guys and the bad guys would agree to something like this?

    Corey: Well, because they were having major skirmishes. They were chasing each other out of different areas. They were destroying the experiment, the genetic experiments of the others. It was chaos.

    David: So this treaty essentially served both sides. It kept the game fair. They both have to work covertly. They can't tell us who they are. Each side gets to take its chance for the title belt, which is the control of the planet and control of humanity.

    Corey: Yes. And I . . .

    David: And humanity's ascension, whether it goes dark or positive.

    Corey: And also, I kind of intuitively picked up or felt that it also involved maybe carving up the planet into territories.

    David: I see. So now, let's get to what happens next.

    Corey: Next, I had had another series of, I guess, etheric conference calls with Kaaree.

    David: In the Construct?

    Corey: In the Construct. And in one of them, she told me that I should be ready to go and have the meeting that I was supposed to have on Venus and visit the ancient outpost.

    David: Oh!

    Corey: And very shortly after that, I'm not sure how many days, I was . . . I went and I laid down in bed. I was just starting to fall asleep and then a flash. And I'm confused. I'm still laying down on some sort of bed kind of thing. And I sit up, and I . . . just the atmosphere felt . . . You're in a different place.

    And Kaaree was there. And she said . . .

    David: And this is not the Construct now. This is real.

    Corey: No. This is real.

    David: Okay.

    Corey: And she said, “It is time for us to make our way to the outpost.”

    David: Wow!

    Corey: So we boarded a different Anshar bus that had different colored seats. One of them had sky-blue colored seats, and then the one we got in this time had, like, burgundy-ish color seats.

    David: Hmm.

    Corey: And it was a little bit different that there were two chairs on this side, and then there was, like, a big wraparound kind of couch that went . . . instead of seats being on the other side.

    David: How futuristic did it look compared to anything we would build here on Earth?

    Corey: It . . . There was nothing that you would look at and say, “That's an engine compartment. That's where thrust comes from.”

    They had windows that wrapped all the way around the back and came up and then in the squared-off area in the front. And it was . . . Everything was white. And it looked like real thin material. Whatever was between you, the bulkhead, between you and what was outside of the fuselage of the craft, was very thin.

    David: Okay. So you just get this flash, and now you're on board this craft in a bed.

    Corey: No. We had to board. We had to leave a room and then walk a little ways into the flight control area and board the craft.

    David: Oh. Did the room look consistent with other Inner Earth areas that you'd visited before?

    Corey: It was a white room.

    David: And you fly through a portal? How do you get out of there?

    Corey: Well, we . . . the same way. We fly out through the blue swirl.

    David: Okay.

    Corey: And we exited the atmosphere, and we headed to Venus. She said, “We were going to Venus to the ancient outpost.” And that was a very short trip in that craft. I don't even . . . We were talking a little bit, but all of a sudden we were just there in a matter of minutes.

    And we stopped pretty far off. You know, Venus was about this big. [Corey shows a 10-inch circle with his hands.] And there were all of these real long, several kilometer long craft that were real narrow, almost pencil-looking. And they had faded red, looked like paint, on the back and on the nose cone.

    For the rest of this fascinating article click Here

    Sheldan Nidle Update: A Global Disclosure Event

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    A time of miracles, when true divine grace rules, is now forming. We are looking forward to these events as they are a precursor to a global disclosure event.

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Dratzo! An uneasy mindset exists now between the old order of dark minions and those who have created a new order of reality for this realm. This stalemate is close to being resolved and therefore, we are going to accede to this state of affairs for the short term. We realize that there are a number of items capable of breaking this stalemate and turning it swiftly in our favor. Until then, we are going to temporarily abide by the current state of affairs. A number of upcoming events are harbingers that the current reality is to be altered into a reality that promises to yield a much more positive outcome. These first few fundings are to set precedents that can permit a number of other similar events to finally see how that can be accomplished. Once these are achieved, we can use our new legal events to impose a number of key items upon the dark and its numerous allies.

    Getting these initial items approved means that we have created an important legal position for our many remaining strategies. We have had to move at a snail’s pace to establish some kind of a monetary flow. Even now, this operation shows to us the resiliency of the mostly defeated old order. These single-minded aristocrats have used their heinous guile to keep some vital parts of the old financial system in place. Fortunately, these leftovers are being reformed and the dark is being forced to accede to our demands. To us, this process is still too slow. However, our Earth allies see these half-victories as a sign of better times for all. We are therefore going along with this most tedious procedure. Meanwhile, our liaisons are constructing a number of key scenarios that can finally break these logjams. A number of additional funds are ready to be used to achieve the results put forth to our liaison. Our various interlocked counsels have approved these new plans. We are quite close to the passing of a more massive funding package across this globe.

    Among those things that we are assisting with is the final defeat and total collapse of America, Inc. This was set up initially as a cover for reorganizing a completely overwhelmed city government (Washington, DC), but became the primary instrument for creating the present de facto national administration. At present, this horrendous regime is in the final stages of a most welcome collapse. In fact, it is hoped that the downfall of this illegal governance is imminent. A deal is currently being negotiated that is to replace this debt-ridden government with a new, restored republic, as well as a return to the fair propositions of Common Law. This is just another one of the ways by which NESARA can finally be put into full operation. Along with the rise of NESARA is to be an American gold-backed currency, printed and issued by the new US Treasury. The incoming newly-designated president is to arrest and isolate all who were illegally proclaiming policies counter to the intent of the American people. It is to be an era of world peace and global harmony.

    A time of miracles, when true divine grace rules, is now forming. We are looking forward to these events as they are a precursor to a global disclosure event. At that time, we can come forward and begin working with these new governments to make public a whole host of technologies that the old, dark regime hid from you for decades. It is part of this mission to share numerous devices so that you can clean up this planet’s surface pollution and end your dependence on Gaia’s many mineral and plant resources. These technologies can turn your societies from abuse of this world’s resources to true guardianship. This is one of the things you are to achieve as you move from limitations to becoming a highly conscious Being. This is one of the growth points that we intend to reach with you just before and after our landings. Another one is, of course, the lessons of the Masters and the arrival of the Agarthans. These events are to be the last stages of a march to full consciousness (Galactic humanhood)!

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
    We come on this day with great news. The process to funnel the first trickling of your funds to you has begun. This operation is near to completion. Our associates, along with this progress, are in the final stage of terminating the cabal and its many hidden collaborators. These funds have taken far too long to reach this stage. Hence, those who have dedicated themselves to seeing its completion are using other projects to finally end the millennia-long dominance of the dark in this realm. We are most grateful to Heaven and to our space families who have forced the dark to release its grip upon this reality. This much-involved procedure has finally permitted the changes that we are all about to enjoy. We are extremely grateful that all these wondrous events are now manifesting across this globe. The time long prophesied by Heaven is now mercifully upon us! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

    As these marvelous events start to occur, use these moments to improve yourselves and help those less fortunate than you. We need to nurture both patience and belief in each other. Maintain your positive vision and sustain these beliefs as our associates work in the Creator’s name to bring you the beginnings of prosperity. As this spreads across this globe, know, dear Hearts, that your gracious support was a key element in what is happening. We thank you all for this support and for the grace and mercy that fills you. In doing this you lessen the great burdens upon all who have so relentlessly worked on our behalf. These humanitarian projects deeply needed your positive support. Hence, we are all benefiting from this most merciful diligence. God bless you, and may these first trickles be only the start of something truly greater in scope!

    As these most wonderful things begin to happen, be most grateful! Your time is coming! Think deep in your heart how long you have so graciously waited for this! Be full of joy and anticipation. We realize how your powerful visions have made this all possible. Ahead is the time to use these funds to achieve your dreams, to heal and to create great things. Additional events are planned to make possible new governance and a reality filled with joy and light! We Masters are ecstatic about what is now happening! The dreams of humanity are becoming real. All of the millennia filled with starvation and general want are going to end! The dark is being defeated and an isolation process is underway. This is the good news that we can at last convey. We thank Heaven endlessly! We are very proud of humanity and what it is finally accomplishing! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Hurrah! Things are to be changed and wondrous events are to be manifested! Rejoice and realize that an operation that took decades to accomplish is happening around this most beautiful blue-green orb! Use these coming times to watch carefully as long-promised miracles are realized. Know, dear ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    More from PAO and the Galactic Federation

    Monday, July 11, 2016

    Secret Australian Antigravity Program Linked to 1966 Flying Saucer Landing

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the most documented UFO case in Australian history – the April 6, 1966, sighting of a flying saucer by over 200 witnesses, who saw it fly overhead for several minutes before briefly landing and taking off again near two schools in the Melbourne suburb of Westall.

    The Westall UFO case has been the subject of several Australian news reports and documentaries, which have tried to find answers to the mystery of what precisely had landed. Recent whistleblower testimonies provide a compelling answer – the flying saucer was part of a secret Australian aerospace program involving the development of antigravity technology in cooperation with the U.S. and Great Britain.

    There have long been unconfirmed reports that the US, along with the United Kingdom, began developing a secret space program with the assistance of Nazi scientists extracted from Germany soon after the end of World War II. Early Nazi flying saucer prototypes called “Vril” were allegedly secretly removed from Germany and shared equally by the US and Britain as required by wartime agreements.

    These technology exchange agreements date back to Britain’s “Tizard Mission” where a delegation of British scientists led by Henry Tizard traveled to the U.S. in September 1940, and shared British technologies in advance of an expected Nazi German invasion of Britain.

    What is undisputed fact is that 1500 leading Nazi aerospace scientists were extracted to the USA under Project Paperclip, and hundreds of others were evacuated to the United Kingdom by an elite military group called T-Force which forcibly abducted them when necessary.

    The former Nazi scientists were put to work in U.S. and British laboratories to develop a new generation of rockets based on the V-2, which were ultimately used to establish nuclear ballistic missiles and also the NASA space program.

    Other Nazi scientists were allegedly secretly assigned to develop antigravity space craft using principles of high energy plasma and high voltage electrostatic charges.

    High energy plasma, which would circulate around a highly conductive ring at very high revolutions per minute, was a speciality field of one of the Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. by Project Paperclip. Professor Winfried Otto Schumann. He was allegedly involved in developing the first Vril flying saucers in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

    Schumann’s name appears on the list of scientists requested by the US Army Air Force (predecessor to the US Air Force established in September 1947) back in 1946, which suggests that his speciality was important for highly classified aerospace projects being studied at the highly classified Dayton, Ohio, aerospace facility.

    The first documented reference to electrostatics as a means of antigravity propulsion (electrogravitics) can be found in a 1928 British patent by Thomas Townsend Brown for an electrogravitic device called a gravitator. This has come to be called the Biefeld-Brown Effect, and was incorporated in a 1952 bid by Brown to the U.S. Navy to build a fleet of flying saucer craft called Project Winterhaven.

    According to official records, Project Winterhaven was turned down by the U.S. Navy and a subsequent attempt by Brown to fund it through a non-profit foundation resulted in failure. In December 2015, William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer came forward to reveal that the U.S. Navy had secretly funded the development of flying saucer craft after all.

    According to Tompkins, this was done by the Navy approaching private aerospace contractors such as Douglas Aircraft Company, to design and eventually build an assortment of antigravity vehicles.

    Tompkins, revealed that while he worked at Douglas’ Advanced Design (1951-1963), he was responsible for submitting designs for kilometer long space craft using antigravity technologies, to the U.S. Navy in “unsolicited bids.” These early designs were used for constructing U.S. Navy space battlegroups which began deployment in 1984, as the Solar Warden Space Program.

    The U.S. antigravity space program involved leading think tanks and aerospace companies such as Douglas Aircraft Company and the RAND Corporation, which was an off-shoot of Douglas. At the time, Douglas was the leading U.S. manufacturer of advanced military aircraft, and had created a classified think tank called Advanced Design, which was split off to form RAND, according to Tompkins.

    Tompkins said that he was directly involved in a covert Navy intelligence program, which had discovered during World War II that up to 30 different flying saucer prototypes had been developed by the Nazis. These Nazi prototypes, or designs for them, were closely studied in U.S. and British laboratories after the war.
    Douglas Memo Confirming
    Antigravity Research by
    William Tompkins superiors

    Further, Tompkins states that he worked under two senior scientists at Douglas, Dr. William Klemperer and Elmer Wheaton, who were actively researching antigravity principles and UFOs. Wheaton left Douglas in 1962 to take charge of similar projects at Lockeheed’s Skunkworks. Tompkins has supplied a document (on right) that confirms that his superiors were working on antigravity in the 1950’s, as he claimed.

    Similar antigravity research was underway in Great Britain involving think tanks and leading aerospace companies. In 1956, a London based organization called “Gravity Rand” published a scientific discussion paper called “The Gravitics Situation,” which revealed the extensive research being conducted by leading aerospace scientists in Britain.

    The U.S. and Britain were not alone in researching or developing antigravity technologies. In 1956, Interavia Magazine reported: “There are gravity research projects in every major country of the world. A few are over 30 years old.” Among these countries was Australia, a staunch ally of both Britain and the U.S.

    In Australia, the Aeronautical Research Laboratories (1949-1994) was actively involved in classified antigravity research, according to a research physicist, Stan Deyo. Deyo has revealed that when he traveled to Melbourne, Australia in May 1972, he was given a letter of introduction to the head of Aeronautical Research Laboratories, located at Fishermans Bend, where Deyo could continue the antigravity research he had earlier begun in the U.S.

    The letter was written by Dr. James B. Maxfield, a Texas radiologist, who was recommending Deyo as someone familiar with antigravity research, who could help the Aeronautical Research Laboratories in its own program. According to Maxfield’s letter, first released in Deyo’s book, The Cosmic Conspiracy, Maxfield had an interest, as did the father of the Hydrogen Bomb, Dr. Edward Teller, in the field of antigravity.

    According to Deyo, Teller headed the antigravity research program in the U.S., and was actively assisting major allies such as Australia and the UK in their own respective programs. Deyo provided a second letter from Dr. Maxfield, discussing a planned future visit by Teller to Melbourne, which was part of a secret U.S. and Australian cooperation on antigravity technology.

    Support for Deyo’s claim is found in an article published in November 1955 by the New York Herald Tribune, which identified Teller’s leading role in U.S. antigravity research:
    The initial steps of an almost incredible program to solve the secret of gravity and universal gravitation are being taken today in many of America’s top scientific laboratories and researcher centers… These include Dr Edward Teller of the University of California.
    Deyo’s testimony is further supported by Bob Lazar, an innovative rocket propulsion engineer turned whistleblower, who says that it was Dr. Teller who recruited him to join a classified facility at Area 51 called S-4, where he witnessed nine antigravity spacecraft that were being secretly studied. According to a former CIA Agent, Kewper, who claims to have visited S-4 in 1958, four of the flying saucer craft were early German designs, two of which were called “Vril”.

    Finally, in his autobiography, Memoirs: A Twentieth-Century Journey in Science and Politics, Teller confirms his friendship with Dr. James Maxfield who had contacts with some of Australia’s leading industrialists (p.496). This included Lang Hancock, a very wealthy Australian mining magnate who was Maxfield’s personal friend. Teller’s biography confirms the role Maxfield played in organizing at least two of Teller’s trips to Australia where he met with Hancock and other influential Australians.

    During his May 1972 Melbourne visit, Deyo was surprised to learn how knowledgeable the Australian scientists were about antigravity principles, and even witnessed a prototype flying saucer craft at one of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories workshops at Fishermans Bend.

    Tompkins and Deyo’s testimony, along with that of other whistleblowers, suggest that from the 1950’s, Australia closely worked with Great Britain and the U.S. in developing antigravity spacecraft, some of which resembled flying saucers. This establishes the possibility that the 1966 Westall incident was part of a classified antigravity vehicle test.

    As the top graphic illustrates, Fishermans Bend is only 25 kilometers flying distance from the Westall area (now South Clayton), across Port Phillip Bay. Furthermore, it is only 30 kilometers across the Bay from Australia’s oldest aviation facility located at the RAAF Base Point Cook.

    If Australia was testing antigravity vehicles, then either Fishermans Bend or Point Cook could have been used since both are adjacent to Port Phillip Bay where the craft could fly over a large body of water largely undetected.

    Such a possibility is supported by some of the witnesses to the Westall incident who described camouflaged military personnel – thought to be American special forces – who quickly sanitized the flying saucer landing area. The rapid response of some of the military personnel – as little as 20 minutes according to witnesses – suggests the personal were stationed nearby to monitor a test.

    One Australian UFO researcher, Keith Basterfield, has found that a classified program called HIBAL involving high altitude balloons, was officially scheduled for a launch on April 5, 1966, one day before the Westall incident, but could have actually occurred on the same day. While he proposed Project HIBAL as a possible explanation for the Westall sighting itself, a more plausible answer is that it was a cover program for a more highly classified flying saucer program.

    Leaked National Security Agency files by Edward Snowden confirm that the military intelligence community in the U.S. and its Echelon partners (Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand) will use a classified program as a cover for an even more highly classified program.

    The flying saucer issue, as pointed out by Wilbert Smith, a former Senior Engineer with the Canadian Department of Transportation, were the most classified matter in the U.S. national security system. Consequently, a classified high altitude balloon program (HIBAL) would have been a very effective cover for a more highly classified Australian flying saucer program.

    NSA leaked slide showing SENTRY EAGLE program where different DHS, DOD, and NSA classified programs are hidden within less classified national programs. (NSA).

    What now takes on special significance is the August 1966 visit to Australia by Teller, which he wrote about in Memoirs: A Twentieth-Century Journey in Science and Politics (p. 497). He refers to Dr. James Maxfield as having suggested the visit to him.

    Given Maxfield’s two letters to Deyo in 1972, revealing Maxfield and Teller’s interest in antigravity research, this suggests that the 1966 visit also very likely involved antigravity research. Consequently, the April 6, 1966 Westall flying saucer incident can be linked to Teller’s first visit to Australia four months later, and was possibly a test of an antigravity flying saucer, where HIBAL was used as a cover program for national security reasons.

    Finally, we have the not insignificant fact that Rear Admiral Rico Botta, identified by Tompkins as the U.S. Navy officer in command of a covert espionage program with 29 spies in Nazi Germany, learning about the development of antigravity spacecraft, was born and raised in the Australian city of Melbourne, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1908, at age 18.

    The cooperation between the U.S., Britain and Australia in developing and testing of flying saucer craft using principles of antigravity, dating as far back as the 1950’s, provides a compelling explanation for some of the many UFO sightings in Australia. Among these, the 1966 Westall flying saucer incident stands out as one that likely has a very worldly explanation – the top secret cooperation between Australia, the U.S. and Britain in developing antigravity vehicles for a secret space program.

    Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

    [NOTE: An upcoming Australia Tour with Dr. Michael Salla in three cities – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney – in July/August 2016, will present documents and whistleblower testimony about the “Origins of Secret Space Programs”, and how this may help finally answer one of Australia’s greatest UFO mysteries. Tickets and further information about my Secret Space Programs Australia Tour are available online.]