Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sirius Documentary World Premiere Release Date

The World Premiere of The SIRIUS Documentary Film
We are thrilled to announce the World Premiere release date of the Sirius Documentary

Release Date: April 22, 2013 - Earth Day ! - 7:30 pm

Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium 14 in the Premiere House Theater.

1000 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles 90015

Watch The Sirius Documentary HERE Online

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know...and the Sirius Documentary will let you in.

Through your generous support we were able to make this film
Please join us for the World Premiere
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We have 2 levels of tickets - $20 general admission and $100 for premium seating and admission to the after-party.

Those of you who supported us so kindly with $500 or more will shortly be receiving information about your tickets. Please RSVP as requested so that we know how many will be coming.

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“Sirius” is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up.

In the course of his research Dr. Greer is asked to look at an amazing find: a humanoid specimen, 6 inches long from the Atacama Desert. Not until 2012 was he given permission to take bone samples and DNA from the specimen. At that same time a pre-eminent geneticist, hearing of this find, offered to do DNA testing. He enlisted an MD from the same university,- world renowned for his work with skeletal anomalies, to view the x-rays and CT scans. Their expertise along with Dr. Greer’s expansive knowledge of the subject bring more questions than answers. Where did this “Atacama Humanoid” come from? Are there others like it? What does it say about the origin of the human species?

While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

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  1. 'The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light." You have GOT to be kidding. You have absolutely NO PROOF of this claim...What an outrageous pile of crap you are peddling to gullible people who believe you. If I'm wrong then produce ANYTHING other that words that can be tested and verified. My bet: You will dismiss me and this as an agitator.

    1. Shiiiilllll!!!

      Seriously, though. You haven't even seen the documentary, or appear to have a rudimentary understanding of technology to know that travel speed is practically limitless - the speed of light theory is bunkem and spread to limit our imaginations. There ARE not limits. Objects in the universe travel at greater speeds DAILY. From the point of origin of the big bang to where we (the Earth) are now, it was calculated that we have travelled at least twice as fast as the speed of light when you consider the distance and estimated time of the 'big bang'. For everything else, do some research and open your eyes.

  2. Im a believer. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!