Monday, March 31, 2014

Amardeep Kaleka USA: Are You in For The Biggest Fight on UFO ET Disclosure?

For The United States of America

An Important Message From Amardeep Kaleka

I'm proud to be one of the first Congressional Candidates who understands the Disclosure Movement to its core.

For these past two years - I did everything in my power as a Director, despite the horrible circumstances of my own father's murder, to make sure the Sirius production would be a success. We worked diligently with Dr. Steven Greer.

Behind the scenes - as a film company, we have supported a multitude of productions that are working in this arena - including Steve Basset's Truth Embargo, Randy Powell's - Randy's Doughnuts (Vortex Based Math) and James Allen's documentary on the ARV Fluxliner. Our dear friend James Allen just passed away. We have worked with many technicians, engineers, and new scientists to help connect them to the community.

NOW - I have found myself in a position to go further, running for Congress in my home town against one of the worst offenders misleading our nation - Paul Ryan (R-WI).

UNLIKE him, I'm not a career politician. I'm an outsider with an insider's understanding of the real problems on Capitol Hill.

That's precisely why I need YOUR help

You guys have done this before with Sirius. You made it go VIRAL in less than 48 hours. You forwarded the link to as many people as possible. You raised the awareness so much that our financial collection was complete before we even knew what happened.

This time - I'm NOT promising a film - I'm promising much more.

  • A Congressional Accountability Program that actively roots out secrecy and corruption (the CAP index).
  • $24 trillion dollars in economic stimulus from the Middle Out - Not Trickle Down.
  • Channeling funds away from DOD black budget projects and into the public research sector, including new energy technologies.
  • A Policy that promotes PEACE and NON VIOLENCE - by creating an economically stable and safe society that will THRIVE.

    TODAY is our chance to once again prove our strength as a community by making a powerful statement with our March 31 Q1 fundraising report.

    Click the link below to INVEST and RETURN Congress to the People.


    Thank you,
    Amardeep "Arm" Kaleka
    Your Congressional Candidate

    PS: Recruit a friend by cutting and pasting the post below to Facebook -- or forwarding this email:

    2014 is the year to stand up and #OccupyCongress. I'm a proud supporter of Amardeep Kaleka (D-WI), he has a bold and peaceful new vision for the country. I hope you become one as well:

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