Monday, June 15, 2015

Important Update: The Universal Peace Petition

Universal Peace Petition Update

From Peter Dunn:

This is the message that Kate left for us when she signed the Universal Peace Petition:

"Please dont do this to so many innocent people around the world, I am kate. I am 12, I have such a long life to live and I want to live it happy.. So please, think of us. Think of the children, the innocent people,... please"

My friends, we must look to the children of the world: for the world's children are all our children; all of them. We owe them all a duty of care. We owe them all a world free from the threat of WMDs and the madness of war. Those of us that are getting on in years must strive to deliver such a world. We must do this for those children: like Kate, that are alive in the world today, and for those that are yet to be born. Let Universal Peace be our legacy to them: the children that will populate the future of the human race.

My friends, we need to do more if we are to deliver that future world. We need to be more proactive in support of Universal Peace. Please donate a little of your spare time helping to promote the Universal Peace Petition. We need more signatures, and the only way in which we can get others to sign is by reaching out to them. So please, reach out to your friends and family, please reach out to people everywhere.

Please send out this link to the world:

Universal Peace has already crossed national boundaries all over the planet - for us there are no frontiers. We now need to grow - to become an unstoppable force for peace.

My friends, we can do this.

Please help out in any and every way that you can.

I love you all.

Peter Dunn

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  1. Consider it done! I will post this link on my websites.