Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure Anniversary Special With Corey Goode and David Wilcock (video)

Join us in a celebratory recollection of the journey to explore humanity’s secret history in space.
Venture beyond our terrestrial origins and uncover untold truths throughout the cosmos.

Tune into the ongoing, weekly series of Cosmic Disclosure as David Wilcock interviews insiders about the details of the Secret Space Program.

In this anniversary special, we look back on the highlights of that journey and reflect upon how far we have come in understanding the clandestine efforts to establish thriving human civilizations throughout the cosmos. During this time, many secrets have been revealed as to the extent of the technological build out of our solar system, the extraterrestrial races which have helped our progress, and the organizations responsible for these advancements.

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  1. what is the "LOC"? wish people wouldn't shortcut names into letters since some of us are not familiar with the terms like your existing community. seems i run across it a LOT.