Saturday, November 12, 2016

Full Disclosure Now: This Year In Disclosure and More (video)

Full Disclosure Now
"I am Ready To Know The Truth"

This Year In Disclosure

In light of whistle blowers coming forward over the past decades such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Corey Goode, Chelsea Manning, Philip Schneider, Bob Lazar, Mike Ruppert and others; it has become apparent to anyone listening that humanity is living a lie within a lie within a lie. The complexities of which NOT ONE single group is aware of completely, a compartmentalized self perpetuating enigma growing more complicated and reckless with each day. With the understanding that fossil fuels are not needed, religious institutions are spiritually bankrupt, and our governments are morally corrupt networks of self serving occult bloodlines and criminal syndicates hell bent on power and control, how can humanity reclaim it's free will?

As you begin to educate yourself and "wake up", a sense of horror and disgust may wash over you followed by the need to reject the truth. We implore you to stay fast and take each moment forward with the kindness and compassion of a curious child, for a beautiful possibility exists just beyond the horizon. We cannot change what has happened, the atrocities committed cannot be forgiven nor undone, humanity must move forward with the understanding of how we participated in these experiences, we must vow to remember that both our history and our future are co-creations.

It is our time now, our time to ask for and accept the truth buried within each of us. We must exclaim to ourselves that "I am ready to know the truth", and embrace each other as we take one step closer each day toward Full Disclosure Now!

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  1. I understand that we need 100% full disclosure and a lot of them are both figuratively and literally monsters but isn't forgiveness part of self-enlightenment? They should pay for what they've done but we as are race should learn to forgive but never forget!