Monday, January 01, 2018

Dinar Chronicles: Bushes and Podestas at GITMO: Confirmed by Pentagon" by Sierra (NZ)

(I bet their not smiling now!)

Dinar Chronicles:
"Bushes and Podestas at GITMO: Confirmed by Pentagon"
by Sierra (NZ) - 1.1.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 3:23 PM EST on January 1, 2018

This is the best news ever to start the magical year of 2018:
"Top Khazarian Mobsters Renditioned to Gitmo" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 1.1.18

This is proof that the Alliance action has been happening behind the scenes, just as many sources have been telling us. Now we are starting to see it out in the open, in real time! You can even go to websites and see live action of the planes going into Guantanamo Bay with their transponders turned off.

If the Alliance is making good on their promise to capture the cabal, we can trust their promise of freedom and prosperity for humanity. Remember the GCR can only happen when it is SAFE for us all.

It has been said that the cabal would be captured from 'the bottom up', rolled up like a carpet. It seems that we are reaching the top of the stinking heap, which means that we are very very close to all of our dreams coming true.

Time to say a prayer of gratitude to all the brave military personnel risking their lives to capture the cabal. And an immense prayer of gratitude for Patrick and Dinar Chronicles.

Love and Light Sierra (NZ)

Thanks to Dinar Chronicles:

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