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Cosmic Disclosure: Tragic Consequences Aboard a Mayan Ship

Corey Goode and David Wilcock

David Wilcock and Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure:
Tragic Consequences Aboard a Mayan Ship

David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I am here with Corey Goode for some very exciting updates coming from the cutting edge of our Solar System's transformation. Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Could you tell us what exactly has happened to you? Just give us a broad summary of some of the talking points of what occurred to you back in December 2017.

Corey: Let's see. I've received quite a number of briefings from the Earth Alliance over the last three months.

And also, the SSP Alliance has been popping up a lot more and showing their faces again.

David: Hm, that's good.

Corey: And I also spent some time with the Anshar.

David: Could you just walk through with us how this whole new chapter had started for you, because it kind of seemed like things had gotten quiet for a while?

Corey: Well, they did, but I guess a lot of the . . . for about 10 weeks, I was receiving dream-type of information that I needed to prepare for a major meeting with the Blue Avians and the Super Federation.

And they also warned me that I needed to prepare for a meeting with the . . . I think they called them the Council of Saturn, . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . which was going to be an introduction to two of the new Guardian species.

David: Sure. And both the terms, “Council of Saturn” and “Guardians”, are used extensively in Law of One material. So that's very interesting.

Corey: Correct.

David: The first of these adventures that you had actually happened in mid-October 2017. So could you describe for us what took place then, and how does this all begin?

Corey: Correct. We were preparing to move, and my wife had been very busy packing crates and boxes. And it was about 3:00 in the morning or so, I was sitting in my living room with boxes and crates everywhere.

Suddenly, there was a flash. And now I'm up on the Mayan ship.

But I found myself in a very distressing situation on the Mayan ship.

Normally when I go there, it's very serene. I'm guided to a room where, you know, I'm examined, and they do work on me for this temporal dementia issue that they're working on.

But this time it was a very frantic environment. It was strangely quiet. But immediately, Gonzales grabbed me by the elbow and started pulling me towards an open door – one of the double-wide doors – going into the exam area.

So he grabs me by the elbow, and he's pulling me, and he's telling me, “There's no time to explain. I just need you to go in and let yourself be seen.”

And I had one hand on the bulkhead, and my feet planted, and he's pulling me, and I'm asking, “What's going on? What's going on?”

And he . . . I think he's about to explain it to me when he tells me, “You just need to be seen.” And he shoves me through the door.

As I was being pulled towards the door, I saw Mayans going in, and they had these weird things in their hands that look like . . . kind of like an ax head – like a double-bladed ax head.

But, I mean, it wasn't sharp. It was just the shape of it.

And they were holding them in their hands like this [Corey has each hand on each edge and holding the ax head in front of him with the flat surface facing the enemy], kind of like a shield and a weapon, and they were holding it up and walking in, kind of hunched over.

David: Hm!

Corey: So it was obvious something different was going on.

David: Well, that's kind of strange because you typically describe the mood there as being very high vibe and healing and peaceful.

Corey: Yeah, it's normally very serene. And this time, I mean, like I said, there was a very frantic energy.

Once I was shoved through the door, I saw why. I looked, and, peripherally, I saw Mayans laying on the floor with those ax-head looking instruments, weapons, kind of just bobbing up and down floating.

David: Hm.

Corey: And they were obviously dead. Their bodies were contorted, and they were obviously dead.

But what caught my attention was across the room:This being that was in somewhat of a mirage-effect-looking field that was like a bubble. And he was floating above the ground.

And he was a Reptilian, but he had very human-like characteristics, I mean, human-looking lips, the cheekbones.

David: Hm!

Corey: It looked like snakeskin stretched across a human type. It had a slightly elongated skull.

It's eyes were yellow, and it had black slit pupils.

Just like with the white royal Reptilian, the one that psychically grabbed my mind, . . .

. . . its pupil was doing this [Corey moves his thumb and forefinger together and apart] – opening and closing at a rhythm.

And it was wearing . . . It didn't have shoes on, but it had black almost with metallic-sheen-looking one piece that almost looks like how yoga pants kind of cling to you.

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