Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Surviving the Transition - Corey Goode Live - New Living Expo (video)

Surviving the Transition - Corey Goode Live -
New Living Expo - San Mateo CA April 27th-29th

SphereBeing Alliance
Published on 16 Apr 2018

For Tickets: http://newlivingexpo.com/
I have recently shared a lot of information that can sound really scary at times. For this reason, I decided to change my presentation topic for the upcoming New Living Expo in San Mateo on April 26th-29th.

Instead of a presentation on my experience in the SSP, I will use this opportunity to dive directly into the new info I received from the Anshar Elders, the BA's, SSP and the Earth Alliance regarding Humanity’s future (the Anshar’s past), the Solar Flash, Ascension and Full Disclosure.

I am also going to open up the presentation to audience questions in an effort to offer as much clarity on this extremely sensitive information.

I am still trying to absorb, process, and wrap my head around all this information, and calculate the variables from each source (the Anshar, the BA’s, SSP and Earth Alliance). If what I am being told truly manifests in some form, we are all at the very least going to be presented with major learning and growth opportunities in the near future.

I cannot adequately stress the importance of using this information as a catalyst for inner work as opposed to feeding the collective consciousness with the fear of the unknown.

I would also like to encourage mass meditations whenever and wherever possible. Please, join me in organizing and participating in a large group mediation for Full Disclosure on 8.18.18 during our Dimensions of Disclosure conference this summer with the intent to bring about Full Disclosure in as much of a peaceful way as possible. - CG

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/rNqldCfCfPA

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