Friday, June 15, 2018

Corey Goode - Sphere Being Alliance: Alliance Updates Coming

Sphere Being Alliance

Corey Goode - Sphere Being Alliance:
Alliance Updates Coming

Alliance Updates Coming: Hopeful chatter is starting to trickle through sources who have been mostly quiet for the last few months. These communications give many of us hope that the full briefings will begin again soon. As I stated earlier, many of the people that were briefing me had been contacting me in recent weeks asking if I had any new information. Before the briefings were fully halted, we were all told that the majority of Alliance (Earth, not SSP) assets were operational and for operational security briefings would only go to those participating in those operations.

In the last few days alone the chatter from the sources that brief me has been picking up and the energy has been very enthusiastic. I am told to expect invitations to lengthy briefings within the next few weeks. I have had one recent and completely unexpected conversation with "Sigmund" of the SSP Alliance. I received a small briefing on the progress of SSP Alliance and an increase in assets from "other programs" switching over to the Alliance due to the recent revelations about the 22 Genetic Programs being handed over to Humanity and other political changes occurring on more of a cosmic level. I was also briefed on a number of threats to the disclosure community that they are working on either exposing or removing them from the playing field". (Sigmund Quote)

I should have more to report soon along with the latest Anshar communications. We also want to thank everyone who provided the protective energies and prayers while we were going through some pretty dark attacks from the spiritual and etheric realm. We will report more on that in the near future as well.

I am looking forward to traveling to LA next week to attend Disclosure Fest and then taking a little time off to try to recover from exhaustion.

Thank you,
Corey Goode

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