Saturday, August 10, 2013

ET Contact Message

ET contact message from

Last month a member of our CE-5 group received a telepathic message from one of our regular ET friends.

Since we have been doing CE-5 events for many years it’s a regular occurrence for us to not only have sky sightings but to also receive telepathic communication from our Star Friends.

I was asked to share this particular message with you who are in our far-flung network in 50+ countries.

The ETs asked that we spread this simple message to others in every way we can – and to LIVE it. It is not controversial and can be understood in any language, by any culture, in any country, or in any state of mind:

“Breathe the free air of Earth”

From my perspective those words are powerful because they do touch on so much we all have in common:

Breathe – a simple activity we humans all share in order to stay alive Free – air is our right and should be free to sustain us and all lifeforms who depend on it Air – the universal substance that we humans require Earth – of course this is our common home now, whether we started here or were seeded from elsewhere

From my perspective there is at the present time a tremendous transformation going on all over the planet in many dimensions. It is the Light that is transmuting the Darkness. Many sacred teachings point to this time as one of such struggle. And many of them promise the victory of Light and of a Golden Age to follow our trials and tribulations.

Incredible forces of Light from stellar and inter-dimensional sources are here by the millions. They are helping us loosen the chains that have bound us. These chains were manufactured and used on us by Dark forces that have been powerfully in control and active for millenia. But many sacred traditions state that the days for that control are numbered. And the number is very, very small.

So, this is in reality a joyous time. We who honor and love the Love and Light that is being beamed to us from so many sources must do our part. By keeping the above words in mind and spreading them, I believe that we create a harmonious giant thoughtform that will result in a Liberated Gaia – liberated from the darkness that has almost destroyed her.

“Breathe the free air of Earth” is a command for us and a promise to us. Earth has not been as free as she should be, but we humans are co-creating a Golden Age for her and we have a LOT of assistance in the skies, in our homes, in our environments.

So, I thank all of you who can absorb these words and breathe them in and out. Please write songs, poetry, make paintings, create art – whatever strikes your creative fancy – to celebrate what these words contain in themselves – the germ of a New Life that is being born across the planet as Darkness is illuminated and neutralized.

It may not seem like we are winning – but just look around beyond the mass media where people are banding together to create a world they want.

“Breathe the free air of Earth”

Breathing with you,

Kosta -

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