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UFO ET Global Contact - Making Successful Interactive Worldwide ET Contact

Successful Interactive Worldwide UFO ET Contact
Why Not Join us And See For Yourself?

Message From Kosta Makreas

Hello ETLetsTalk Community And Potential New Members,

This is Kosta.

When I started organizing monthly "Global ET Contact" events in October, 2010, I had a dream that someday there would be thousands and thousands of teams making successful, interactive worldwide ET Contact. I just knew that there were many people who had a deep abiding wish to make ET Contact. Also, I received requests from our Star Friends to create as many contact teams as possible, as quickly as possible, in as many places as possible.

So you can see why I was very excited to start organizing and facilitating these monthly ET Contact events!

Since then your amazing, heartfelt participation on a regular and committed basis has helped increase the original 3 dozen teams to 200 or more. I'm so very grateful to all of you who participate, who report what you have experienced, and who send wonderful words of support to me on a daily basis.

As I co-founded the web site in November, 2012 with my talented, hard-working teammates, Laurie and Jonathan, the original vision of thousands of ET Contact teams received a huge and wonderful boost. To get to that goal since that November launch we 3 have literally offered thousands of hours of our part-time, voluntary labor to build and sustain this ETLetsTalk community.

With the launch of we now see an opportunity to engage a wider, more general audience who is curious about ET Intelligence, and if properly educated and instructed, will join our movement! That audience likely numbers in the millions - out of which those thousands of ET Contact teams can be generated.

A recent HuffPost poll showed that 48% of the American public believes "UFOs" are visiting Earth at this time. Another 16% is open-minded about such visitations. Adding 48% and 16% yields 64% which is almost 2 out of 3 Americans (numbers which are likely higher in other countries) who are open-minded enough to learn about and to join our UFOContact community.

Humanity stands at a crossroads at this time. Will we choose to cooperate with one another and with Star Nations or will we choose to stand by while the many problems facing this planet lead to our extinction?

You all know that I firmly believe, as do many others, that human cooperation with these benevolent Star Civilizations is a powerful, game-changing co-creation that will bring us free energy, an end to poverty, war, hunger, new medical and scientific technologies, deeper spiritual insights and growth and so much more. A New Earth is there for us if we humans will do our part to fix problems which are within our capabilities while co-operating with more advanced and wiser Star Nations to solve the problems we humans alone cannot solve.

I choose cooperation. I believe you do, too.

At this time, we at UFOContact/ETLetsTalk are reaching out to you to ask that you financially support us and your community by becoming Galactic members.

We need 1000 of you to step up right away so that I, Laurie, and Jonathan have the resources to devote our full-time attention to this mission.

Without your financial support right now, we cannot grow. We will have to scale back our webcasts, our software tools, our teleseminars, our planned retreats. We may have to shut down completely.

I have corresponded with hundreds of you, maybe thousands, in the past 4 years. I thank you all. I am grateful to those of you who have already generously given of your hard-earned funds to help us. We're living in the same challenging times that you are and have needed and deeply appreciated the support.

Will all of you who know me and those who don't and who want to help our mutual ET Contact mission simply contribute $23.20 now for a Galactic year membership so that we can continue our growth?

That $23.20 represents a $29 regular yearlong membership minus a 20% discount until April 21 using the "Save-20" discount code.

In return, we offer you:

* UFOContact secure app to find ET Contact groups and chat live with them
* monthly "Global ET Contact" events
* secure social community with forums
* webcasts with our team which now includes Danny Sheehan
* webcasts with other leading researchers in the UFO/ET Contact field
* info-rich retreats and trainings to come (Toronto in the Fall)
* discounts on other products and services to come
* guest blogs from leading UFO researchers
* stuff we haven't yet thought of :-)

We work hard to provide the infrastructure that gives YOU a magnified voice in this ET Contact movement.
Discount Code: Save-20

Please step up and help our mutual new movement. Our team has the talent, skills, commitment and connections to create a *massive* global community doing ET Contact and education.

Thank you, my friends!


Daniel Sheehan: His Thesis on UFO Contact

Daniel Sheehan discusses his thesis on the Extra Terrestrial presence engaging humanity on first global webcast. Also features Kosta Makreas and Dr. Joe Burkes discussing global ET contact, team organization.

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