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One Who Knows: The Truth of Deception

By One Who Knows June 2, 2017

The Truth of Deception
Cabal Lies - Galactic Federation Truth

The final frontier of deception, that last gasp of the dying Cabal is the higher dimensions. The Truth of Deception is that it is hidden in Fear. The Deception that our World is in trouble is hidden in the Fear of Climate Change. The Deception that Aliens are not here to help us is hidden in Hollywood's relentless Alien invasion horror movies. In all cases that when the Cabal wants us to Fear something, is in fact the TRUTH, and in reality what is good for us. Fear, is how the Lie is perpetrated and perpetuated. If we reject the Fear Mongering, we reject the Lies that the Fear contains.

The Cabal's Last Stand

The Cabal have already lost everything. There is literally nothing left to save but themselves in these last days of their dwindling freedom. They lost their overloads in the 90's when the Anunnaki were told to leave by the Galactic Federation. They were no match for the power and might of the Federation and they left Earth in a hurry. Ever since then, the underlings have been continuing on the fight for control, but, it has been a losing battle for them ever since. They have now lost all their militaries, control of the money supply, income from drug sales, no more control of the Governments, and even here on the net they are losing their propaganda fight as well. They have failed in every way, on every front, and they are now making their final stand, their last ditch effort to save themselves, but it will fail as well. Their last Lie, is this "False Light" B.S.

Shadows At Best

All they have left are lies, and tales of what once was, but which now are only shadows at best. FEMA camps, so what, we control them now and they are being filled up with Cabal minions. Fear of FEMA camps are but shadows of what once might have been.... Agenda 21, oh please. Get over yourself, your power and control are over. Again ANY mention of this is only what once might have been, but has long been over and are now but a fading dream of the dying Cabal. Toplet Bombs and energy weapons? Again, they have long be removed and rendered impotent.... do hear me COBRA? Nuclear weapons? Look on YouTube and see the countless videos from all over the World that their weapons won't fire and have been taken off-line and are no longer operable by some "Strange" force. Again, just shadows of what once was, but no longer is. CERN, HAARP, weird energy weapons, all destroyed or shut down permanently. Underground bases destroyed, satellites in space destroyed, and everything else rendered impotent. All shadows of what once was or might have been, but now are gone FOREVER. Now the Cabal are making their last Fear Mongering stand with some "False Light" B.S. Really? That's all you've got?

The False Light Agenda

All the dying Cabal have left is Fear of the unknown. We no longer fear them on the Planet as we can see for ourselves they no longer control anything. We can see for ourselves that they are being taken down all over the place. They can't even match our resolve on the net, and they have sent their best CIA TROLLS, and still have failed miserably. What do they have left to cause us fear? The unknown False Light nonsense. Notice that it is the Trolls in our midst that bring this FEAR in our house. Let's have a look at this F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) shall we?

Where Are We Currently?

At this point, the Cabal's Anunnaki masters have fled our World and high tailed it back to their home World so as not to be wiped out by the Galactic Federation. What does that tell You? Yes, that means that the Galactic Federation could obliterate the Anunnaki in the blink of an eye. I remember asking Zorra of Hollow Earth about the "evil Toplet Bombs," and him saying that there is nothing that the Galactic Federation could not handle. They were easily removed long ago. So we know that the Galactic Federation's technology far surpasses the pathetic 3d Anunnaki and their Cabal minions.

On Earth, the Cabal have lost control of every high tech device they have and have no money or power to do anything about it. They are only concerned about saving themselves at this point and will lie and cheat and do whatever it takes to survive yet another day.

On another matter, Sephora and I were personally involved in identifying the very last evil devices that the Anunnaki placed here 30,000 years ago. These last 4 devices on Earth's ley lines are gone now. They were said to be some False Light things, but I do know everything about it. All I know is that #1) They were broadcasting some bad energy into our dimension, #2) They were the last 4 on Earth, and importantly #3) They are now gone FOREVER. Here is the link to that story:

"Sources, Power, Atlantis & Lemuria" - Sephora FyreByrd and One Who Knows - 4.4.17

So, we have the Surface under control from the Cabal. Hollow Earth and Inner Earth have no more Cabal infestation, and The Galactic Federation has space under control. No more Anunnaki Masters, no more Cabal control of anything and no more issues in space. What's left but Lies?


Now we are getting these posts and warnings about some "False Light" threat. Really? From who? From Where? Since when? Hear this you stupid Cabal Morons: "EVERY SINGLE UNDERGROUND BASE, EVERY WEAPON OF EVERY KIND, HAS BEEN DESTROYED, REMOVED AND DISABLED." You stupid ignorant fools, who do you think we are? If you have no Anunnaki masters left, you have no equipment, no more money and no more control, and if every device on the Earth and in space has been destroyed, how is it that you are any threat what so ever? DREAM ON YOU PATHETIC BEINGS. Take your Fear Mongering with you as you are escorted off our Planet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this latest and last Fear Mongering attempt is pathetic at best. It is the only thing they can think of in their lasts days of Freedom. There is NOT ONE threat that caries any weight. IT IS ALL LIES OF THE MOST PATHETIC KIND. I am hereby calling out all those who are perpetuating this False Light B.S. for who they are. This is the final act of the dying Cabal and they shall take down their minions with them. Let those who spread this Disinformation Fear Mongering Fear be held accountable for their actions and receive the same justice as their Cabal handlers will receive. Your fancy videos, posts and disguised voices, and anonymity won’t save you when judgment day comes... and that day is near.

To my Light Worker Family and Friends, reject this last stand Fear Mongering for the nonsense that it is. There is nothing to Fear any more as the final Cabal take down is near. What a pleasure and joy it will be to see them on TV, with their hands behind their backs. In the end they will prove to be sniveling pathetic rats, who cower in the light of day. May they be judged by their actions and deeds, and may that be sooner rather than later. So Be It.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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