Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Amardeep Kaleka, Director of The Sirius Documentary

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A Personal Message from Amardeep Kaleka
Director of The Sirius Documentary Film

Dear Sirius Supporter - let's scratch that... Dear Friend,

We have come a long way together. It began just over a year ago when we approached and synergized with Dr. Greer, a long time ET researcher and theorist. It's humorous to think, we emailed him, out of the blue, for a meeting so he might consult on a separate script. Over dinner, we found his story fascinating and needed to get to the bottom of this. As documentarians - we were enthralled with the exploration of not only what is outside of us, but what is inside of us. We did our research, compiled our notes, and knew what the strength of this search and story would be - YOU.

The community that has been testing the waters, surviving the waves of ridicule, and consistently been coming out on top - is this community. From the inventors who have given their lives to the skywatchers who remain hidden from their own family, we sensed the storm was brewing and the time was now. The Truth seemed to have chosen a side, and you are on it. We, along with Dr. Greer and his team, put our work gloves on and reached out for a helping hand through crowdfunding - a brand new and untested online platform.

In the end, TOGETHER, we have become one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history. That is no easy or small task given the dynamics of Hollywood and the nature of online risks.
You took your hard earned dollars and backed us - probably thinking to yourself, "Okay, these guys look legit and have earned an Emmy. They most definitely will treat this very sensitive topic correctly."
We humbly accepted the challenge and your support, putting our head down to work.

We are proud to say...
After a grinding research phase where we went from knowing relatively very little about the subject to understanding the situation and the nuances involved... from the arduous journey of documenting everything for many months even thru personal tragedy with the murder of my father, to the mind boggling edit phase of the film... we painstakingly dissected over 400 hours of footage in order to make this 2 hour film. The alchemy involved was nothing less than a challenge, from the politics and egos of the UFO community to the ever changing creative process - we were neck deep
And all the while - you were there to support us and the mission that we were on together.

After August 5th, when my father was brutally gunned down by a neo-Nazi white supremacist - the conspiracy centers of my brain went off - wildly searching for associations. I, along with the NEL office and my very efficient contacts in the government, media, and private sectors, did everything in our power to get to the truth of the matter. In the end, we weighed out the dynamics of the situation and came to the resolution that this was a hate crime committed in an area that was ripe for such an event - there were threats that predated my involvement with Sirius. My father, sadly, was in the wrong place at a very wrong time. During this tragedy, I received an amazing outpouring of support from most of the Sirius Supporters who would find me on Facebook or email.

You sent me many words of encouragement in a very dark time

I shared these words with my NEL teammates and it would fire them up. When I was down and out, they were up and at 'em - lifting the load. The Producer of Sirius, J.D. Seraphine, stepped up and committed many 16 hour days despite the birth of a very beautiful 3rd child. Our very talented writer/editor Laurie Knapp worked for what seemed to be 24 hours a day crushing research, taking the helm with the crowdfunding campaign, and editing for months at a time. Our associate Producer, Morgan Dingle, ran our office and kept changing the oil in the NEL machine. Dr. Greer and his team at STAR, including Emery Smith and Dr. Jan Bravo, alongside others, made many shoots happen and were open to our many requests travelling from afar and being ready for work at all hours of the day.

After all of this -
We are happy to announce,
the Sirius film is coming to a screen near you on April 22nd, 2013.

Since this is a film "made by the people for the people" we thought that it would only be fitting for you to take part in showcasing the film either online or in theaters near you. We have the online thing down - and are working with the powerful team at Yekra - the same distributors of Thrive.

Here's what we are offering: take time to sign up and stream the film on your own website (no additional costs & we will give you insider marketing materials including some sneak peek videos to use). When people pay to see the film on your stream, you will get a significant monetary portion (approx. $1 per stream). This is groundbreaking because we don't need a big Studio to push the film whereby they spend millions and tell us that we owe them money... we have a groundswell and great community in you. We have the Truth on our side and the internet at our finger tips.

In order to sign up as an "Affiliate" go here: Sirius Film
Everything is explained.

If you want to show the film or host a screening that is more of an event, then please email us at We will put you on a very select list and communicate directly with you about the opportunity to do so as we clear the theatrical distribution rights. We are looking for representatives who can screen in major cities across the world or at college campuses.

IN conclusion, we should all be proud of this situation! In less than a year, we have completed what takes most people a lifetime. Our little film is a very riveting and moving picture that delves deep into the abyss of the heart and soul of the human endeavor.

Of course, I'm a little biased. But I'm hoping that you can be too.

Please reference the attached Avatar image. (Top of this post) It's a gift. We would be honored and humbled if you use that image in your online activities - facebook, twitter, google plus, in order to show solidarity as a community - as a team - as a force to be reckoned with - because that, in my humble opinion, is exactly WHAT YOU ARE.

As always - much love.

Director of Sirius: Watch The Sirius Documentary Film HERE Online