Thursday, July 11, 2019

What do we do When Full Open Contact Occurs? (ET UFO)

By ET Let's Talk
Kosta Asks
'What do we do when Full Open Contact Occurs?"

We, the People, are the Disclosure we have been waiting for!"

The Big Question: When Full Open Contact with Star Civlizations occurs on Earth...what can our thousands of ET Contact teams do to help the general public understand what is going on?

We have many years of experience making ET Contact in our community. That allows us to help others build a foundation when a 'mass awakening' of ET truth occurs.

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  1. Dear friends,
    The Best-Beloved of The Universe has come in Twin Form, I would share my vision of harmony of science and religion and equality of the genders in context of the Revelation of the Twin Manifestations of God, the Baha'u'llah and The Bab, Mankinds spiritual revolution to the Universe and It's recipient the elevates us in the Universal vision of all our endeavours towards racial unity and unity in diversity.
    warm Baha'i love

  2. A message of disclosure and open contact with those of other worlds that are called by the Name of Almighty God who is their creator as well as ours. Enjoy, for in the not to distant future, the complete truth will be made known to all who are willing to embrace it. For those who re not willing? Well, lets just say that will be a very bad decision on their account. We are free will agents to choose right from wrong, or better said: Light or darkness. May the Eternal All bless all who read this message with an open heart.