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Twelve Weird and Freaky UFO Cases

Twelve Weird and Freaky
UFO Cases

If there is one word that sums up the UFO experience, it’s “phantasmagorical.” Whether a sighting, a landing, a face-to-face encounter, an onboard experience, or even a UFO crash/retrieval -- all of them contain levels of weirdness and high strangeness that are a consistent feature of UFO cases. The variety of UFO experiences are truly astonishing. They can be funny, bizarre, scary, traumatizing, enlightening, healing and more.

This video presents twelve cases which show just how truly weird and freaky the UFO experience can be. These cases come from across the United States and the world. Most involve multiple witnesses and varying kinds of physical evidence such as landing traces, animal reactions, physiological effects, electromagnetic disturbances and more. Each provides another piece of the puzzle towards solving the UFO mystery.

CASE 1: ET LEADS MAN TO WATER. In 1970, Wyoming rancher Pat McGuire became the laughing-stock of his community when he purchased a 6500-acre ranch in arid desert land and said he was going to grow crops there, something nobody else had done. But Pat had a secret, he was in contact with ETs, and they told him exactly where to dig his well.

CASE 2: ALIEN FISHERMEN. On Nov 2, 1972, Monsieur Vuillien of Doucier, France was shocked when a UFO drops down and hovers a mere 20 feet over his fish ponds where he’s raising 50,000 trout. Then the object begins to move closer, so he retrieves his gun and gets ready for a confrontation.

CASE 3: THE UFO & THE WASHING-MACHINE. The year of 1978 was a busy one for Evelyn Whiteway of Parson Cross, England. After two sightings earlier in the year, Evelyn had a third one. But this time it hovers over her house and causes a bizarre effect on her washing machine. And after that, the UFOs return!

CASE 4: THE ALIEN CHOCOLATE BAR. On the morning of Feb 28, 1974, a factory worker from Origney-En-Thierache, France is driving his moped to work when a UFO lands next to him, and out step two figures dressed in spacesuits. They stop his moped and hand him what looks like a chocolate bar, motioning for him to eat it. He is unable to resist and puts it in his mouth.

CASE 5: PAPERBOY SEES A UFO CRASH. On Feb 17, 1979, while delivering papers near his home in Tucson, AZ, 10-year-old Warren Weisman sees a small glowing object crash to the ground in front of him, damaging a car and mailbox. As he’s inspecting the weird metallic-looking object, a man-in-black shows up and suggests that he leave the area.

CASE 6: A UFO MAKES A FAMILY DIZZY. On Mar 11, 1979, while driving along Ware Road in Hertford, England, Alice Ball and her family stop the car to observe a glowing UFO. As it moves over the car, they experience several very strange physical effects.

CASE 7: THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE FROM A UFO. While walking his dog on the evening of Nov 21, 1980, near his home in Burneside, England, Mario Luisi comes upon a landed UFO. Out step two of the most beautiful people he has ever seen. And they want to talk to him.

CASE 8: A BOY SHOOTS AN ALIEN. On Mar 11, 1981, Cathy Gilpin and her 19-year-old son Arlin of Casey County, KY are drawn outside by a strange noise. Seeing a glowing object, they go to investigate. Cathy drives towards it, and feels a strange force pulling her to the object. She flees the scene, but Arlin goes outside with a gun and comes face-to-face with a 7-foot creature.

CASE 9: A UFO ROADBLOCK. Late at night in Feb 1983, Ante Jonsson was returning to his home in Tyngsrud, Sweden and saw what looked like a child on the road. Looking up, he saw a huge UFO. It darted away. Ante went home to get his camera and returned to the scene. The UFO was gone, but then it landed in the road. ETs came out and surrounded his car.

CASE 10: UFOS SUCK WATER FROM POOLS. In Jan 1984, many residents of Olavarria, Argentina observe a UFO hover over their swimming pools and suck the water right out of them. And this isn’t the first time this has happened.

CASE 11: A UFO MADE HIM PSYCHIC. In 1988, Stuart (a teacher in Mutare, Africa) was walking through a field when a UFO hovered low overhead. Time seemed to move in slow-motion as he fled the scene. After the sighting: he started predicting the future.

CASE 12: PINEAPPLE PINCHING ALIENS. In the late 1980s, pineapple farmer Harry Roy heard a loud thumping noise coming from his pineapple fields in Caloundra, Australia. Going to investigate, he saw something that they couldn’t believe or understand. They had just planted 15,000 pineapple plants. Every single one of them were gone.

As these cases show, just when you think you’ve heard everything about UFOs, another case comes along and makes you realize that we still have much to learn about UFOs and the ETs visiting our planet. They show that not only are we NOT alone in this universe, but that extraterrestrials are intervening on many levels. There are too many cases to ignore. The truth is coming out!

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