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I Saw An Alien: Ten True Cases

I Saw An Alien:
Ten True Cases

What is it like to see an alien, to have a face-to-face encounter with an actual extraterrestrial? An experience like this often affects the witnesses on multiple levels, challenging them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a superlative experience that leaves them changed forever. Here are ten cases coming from across the world, spanning five decades, involving close-up encounters with strange humanoids. These cases provide profound insights into the nature of ET contact. They also contain compelling evidence of UFO reality.

THE QUIZZICAL ALIEN. May 1957, Frances Sticler was working on her farm in Milford, PA when she heard a loud whirring sound and sees a bowl-shaped craft approach and hover a mere 15 feet over her barn. The craft tilted towards her and to her amazement, she saw a humanoid looking down at her with a strange expression on his face.

IT WAS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. It was 5:30 a.m., on Jul 13, 1959, when Eileen Moreland was working on her farm in Blenheim, NZ. Looking up, she saw a circular craft zooming down towards her. It hovered a short distance away, sending out waves of heat. Inside she saw two humanoid figures. One stood up and appeared to look down at her. It was an experience which would have huge repercussions for years to come.

THE UFO HEADACHE. On the night of July 26, Adilson Batista Azevedo (age 14) joined his two friends to watch a movie at a theater in Carazinho, Brazil. On their way, a UFO swooped down and hovered overhead. Adilson’s friends fled in fear. But Adilson stayed to watch as first one craft and then another landed in the field next to him. Then out came short humanoid figures. Adilson approached closer and saw things that would affect him for the rest of his life.

THEY WERE NOT HUMAN. On the morning of Aug 13, 1965, Ellen Grace Ryerson and her sister, Laura Jean were working in a bean field along Russel Road near their home in Renton, WA, when they saw two humanoid figures. The sisters approached and were shocked to see that the figures had grey skin, bulging frog-like eyes, and wore strange outfits. They were not human!

IT KNOCKED ON THE WINDOW. On the evening of Jul 12, 1968, five children saw a UFO hovering near their home in Saint Stanislas-of-Kostka in Quebec, Canada. Running outside, they saw a short humanoid with a face like a frog. The children panicked and ran back inside. Later, they would find physical evidence in the form of landing traces.

I KNOW WHAT I SAW. It was an early fall morning in Summit County, UT, when Lennis Gines and their son Sam saw a UFO hovering only a few feet above the ground 450 feet from their home. It remained in place for more than 45 minutes before Sam went outside to confront them. That’s when he saw the strange humanoids coming in and out of the craft.

WE WERE FRIGHTENED AND FASCINATED. Mar 28, 1973, Clyde Donahower, his wife and their 8-year-old son saw a UFO near their home in Robesonia, PA. Inside they could see the silhouette of a humanoid figure busily moving around. When the craft remained for almost an hour, they decided to call the police.

I FELT A COLD SWEAT. It was a normal evening at work in a factory at Meylan, France when Julien Hermann received the shock of his life: a sparkling, glowing, green, humanoid figure stood outside his office window, only 50 feet away. At the same time, his radio filled with static. He ran outside to get a closer look.

TWO THINGS CAME DOWN. It was the middle of the night when teenager, Deanne Kerns saw a grayish saucer sending down a beam of light near her home in Ord, NE. Suddenly, two strange beings with arms like tentacles appeared in the beam, levitated down to the ground, and began picking vegetation and taking soil samples.

TWO LITTLE MEN CAME OUT. It was early evening in 1990 when goat-herder, Flores de Mamani and her dog were taking her goats to her home in Tucuman, Argentina, home and suddenly they all became paralyzed. A large spherical object appeared overhead and out came two small humanoids who walked up to Flores and took a blood sample. The other approached her goat and did something she could hardly believe.

These ten cases are only a small sampling of the huge number of humanoid encounters that are occurring across this planet. The time for skepticism is over. Governments across the world are admitting to the reality of the ET presence on our planet. The evidence is undeniable. We are being visited by a wide variety of extraterrestrials. And it is the humanoid cases that reveal why they are here and their agenda on our planet.

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