Friday, April 21, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer Update: "Unacknowledged Movie" We Made it to the Top!

Unacknowledged is the #1 movie on Apple Trailers and a top 20 pre-order movie on iTunes!

Since hitting the iTunes store, Unacknowledged is racing up the movie pre-order charts and ranking among many top Hollywood releases.

Help us keep up the momentum by pre-ordering Unacknowledged on iTunes!

The iTunes pre-order comes with more than five hours of exclusive bonus content! The purchase includes never before seen UFO footage, exclusive interviews from the film and eight top secret classified documents that have never been released to the public before! This deal is only available through the iTunes package.

We're excited to work with iTunes on this historic release and put together this exclusive package of content for you so you can have the hardcore truth in your hands!


Pre-order the Unacknowledged DVD

Order the Unacknowledged Book

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