Sunday, May 06, 2018

Neil Keenan Update: Get Around Get Around We Get Around - Thasja Update (video)


Neil Keenan Update:
Get Around Get Around We Get Around -
Thasja Update

Following the latest California/Mexican border events when the Traffickers holding THASJA did not know which way was up – and instead of entering Mexico they ended up driving through California the opposite way.

YUP, they screwed up.

Word has it that the other side, Mexico, is pissed off and has a big surprise for the goofballs. I cannot wait to hear what comes next but do not be surprised if you hear the name of the Mexicans running their part in this show either.

Seems that everything we get comes from their camp.

Right TRUC?

WE are on our way home and not just our home but to your home as well. Let’s get this show honestly on the road. You are not playing with children any longer but you can count on us giving you a good spanking.

To my beloved Dragon Family. If you know anything about this I would love for you to have Thasja returned to me, and do what you will with the Child molesters.

Wishing everyone all the best and know that the calls you made to the California Justice Department really paid off.

We just might be taking down a very large human trafficking organization which just so happened to keep stepping on their own you know what.

See you all soon.


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