Saturday, March 04, 2023

Tesla Free Energy and Anti-Gravity tech

Tesla Free Energy and
Anti-Gravity tech

KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Tesla designed this 130 years ago
& the DS stole & hid his brilliance from Humanity
to use for themselves.
thanks to The Plan & QTeam 🙏🏻❤️‍🔥

Gene Decode
The cabal have been living high & mighty
on tech YEARS ahead of us.
They went to Mars in 1903 & 1947
with Tesla’s anti-gravitics in a TR-3B.
The free energy device that powers that
is the size of a shoe-box, zero point energy
or it uses the Casimir effect.
[Quantum field theory.]
We’re using fossil fuel, solar energy, windmills,
all this ridiculous stuff.
We don't have to have wires, strip-mining.
Tesla spoke against that in the 1890’s.
You can go faster than the speed of light.
It’s called a Tesseract,
you literally thin & fold space…
The cabal are going to places
100 light years away in 1/2 hour
& we’re traveling in a tin can @ 600 mph.
Realize NESARA is getting Tesla Free Energy
& Anti-Gravity tech & you've just made
the entire infrastructure of the world
go away 🚀

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