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UFOs over Airports: Sightings, Landings and Humanoids!

UFOs over Airports:
Sightings, Landings and Humanoids!

Did you know that airports are a powerful magnet for UFO activity? There are dozens of cases coming from across world, reaching all the way back to the late 1940s and continuing up to the present day. These are not just sightings; many involve UFO landings and humanoids of all types. These cases represent outstanding evidence of the reality of UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence on our planet. Many of these cases are widely viewed by professional observers, pilots, meteorologists, air-traffic controllers and more. Some involve physical landing traces. Some are confirmed by radar. And quite a few involve actual photographs of the craft.

It might seem surprising that UFOs would be attracted to a location that is not only crowded with people, but also contains radar arrays designed to detect incoming aircraft. On the other hand, these cases also have a certain level of logic to them. Airports are designed for aircraft to both land and take off. So, in a way, it’s fittingly appropriate that UFOs should be attracted to them. And as these cases show, they are, and in large numbers.

Mar 10, 1948: Chihuahua Airport in Mexico is visited by a hovering disc. A few days later, on Mar 10, four discs appear over Central Airport in Mexico City in view of hundreds of witnesses.

Apr 7, 1950: Multiple witnesses at Logan Airport in Boston, MA view a dramatic UFO display.

Apr 12, 1950: Serviceman B.G. Hunter observes an object land on the tarmac at Tradewinds Airport in Amarillo, TX. After staying for five minutes, the object departs, leaving burn marks.

Apr 16, 1950: a 6-foot-wide metallic disc is seen by multiple observers to crash on the runway at Laredo Airport, TX. A short humanoid exits and collapses on the ground.

Jul 1950: Claude Blondeau is at Guyancourt Airport in Yvelines, France when two discs land on the runway. Doors open and out step two human-looking ETs.

Aug 1950: Multiple witnesses at the Medford Airport in OR observe four metallic discs circle overhead for three hours.

Aug 27, 1952: A disc-shaped craft hovers over MacDonald Airport in Manitoba, Canada. When struck the light from the rotating beacon, the object darts away.

Oct 27, 1952: An object lands at Marignane Airport in France. Two years later, on Jan 4, 1954, another object lands at the same exact airport.

Sep 4, 1954: A UFO lands at the Santa Maria Airport in Azores. After landing, a blond human-looking ET exits the craft and approaches the airport guard.

Nov 25, 1954: Two objects hover for two hours over the airport in Cordoba, Argentina.

1954: A UFO with humanoid figures visible through the port-holes hovers over Bankstown Airport in New South Wales, Australia.

Mar 1955: More than 100 people observe two UFOs hover at 8500 feet over Quito Airport in Ecuador. Two months later, another display involving five UFOs occurs over Pisco Airport in Lima, Peru.

Nov 1955: A group of saucers descends to 1500 feet over Tejgaon Airport in Bangladesh.

Feb 25, 1969: Witnesses at London Airport over an unknown glowing object hover a mere 200 feet above the runway.

June 19, 1961: An airport in Exeter England hovers for more than an hour, appearing on radar and viewed by many witnesses.

Aug 2, 1962: Airport officials at Liberal Airport in KS are shaken when four multicolored objects descend over the airport, hover and send down beams of light.

Aug 2, 1962: The Cumba Punta Airport in Argentina receives international attention when a UFO hovers only a few feet over the runway.

Dec 22, 1962: A UFO lands directly on the runway at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is viewed by tower personnel and pilots.

Jul 15, 1965: Controllers, pilots and employees at Canberra Airport in Australia are stunned by the appearance of UFOs hovering 5000 feet overhead.

Jul 28, 1965. Grano de Oro Airport at Maracaibo, Venezuela is visited by three luminous discs which are tracked on radar.

Oct 6, 1965: An AF sergeant at Concepcion Airport in Hualpencillo, Chile sees a 90-foot-wide saucer land at the end of the runway. Shortly later, three ETs exit the craft.

Aug 26, 1967: Esteban Cova is at the Maiquetia Airport in Venezuela when he is approached by a 3-foot-tall figure with huge eyes who asks him, “Won’t you come with us? We need one more.”

These are just a few of the many incredible airport-UFO encounters all over the world. Among the most dramatic is the 2006 incident at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. So many cases! The question is why? Are they putting on displays? Are they checking up on our technology? Are they preparing for a worldwide landing? Many questions remain.

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